The Path of the Priestess

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Palm of Light

What to do during times of life uncertainty and change. So you find yourself in the formless space waiting to be reborn into a new transformed self, just being in this time of waiting and allowing the time in the cosmic womb, what can you do in staying in peace? or during the whirlwinds of change and staying positive during the unknown and holding a positive experience for the future. This is something we all have found ourselves in one time or another during the changes in our lives. I offer one way that has been my experience and something I found myself in through the years. This wisdom has become the foundation of my work with people in aiding in the space of being comfortable with the uncomfortable. The metamorphosis of the change cycle and making it through transition victorious. Part of the process is letting go and allow the changes. So you begin by releasing the pattern of worry and the thoughts that support the holding of this pattern in your consciousness and staying in the present moment. You release the pattern through prayer and exchanging pain for peace, letting the burden of this go and shifting your vibration to peace. By being in that state of peace it allows the ego not move into projection of the future. It is a state of being and this is your natural state because this is who you truly are. First, it is a state of being and then action, it is being in a state of thought awareness and in that moment choosing another awareness. Choose different thoughts and telling the universe that you are ready for a new awareness. Asking spirit to heal your thinking, your thoughts and heal your mind.
"How do you do it?" this has been an answer I sought from every new age, christian, new thought teacher that I learned from and every thought conscious awareness book I could read. I went on a decade spirit voyage, a quest to find the spiritual truth of my existence and to know myself and my relationship with spirit. With a lot of spiritual study of many different spiritual paths, I found an understanding of myself through my relationship with God. One thing I came to understand is how do I live in peace. Because I understood what my teachers were saying, but underneath my question is how, how do you shift awareness, how do you get to a state of peace when everything is crazy including yourself! HOW? that has been my quest from all of my teachings, learning and understanding my of my spiritual journey and I knew that my purpose entailed me placing or awakening people to their spiritual path. My work is awakening you to your potential and to your relationship with yourself and the universe. I pop you open for God, to flow to you your holy remembrance. I am part of the movement that is here to raise consciousness and transformation on this planet. So the question is "HOW" how do you do it? how do you be the light and hold the light and to stay in the light when you slip into the belief of separation and you forget the divine truth of who you are. How do you hold the vibration when everything is crazy including yourself and how do you identify the feelings/thoughts that support the beliefs that pull you from your true state of being. In my understanding, my training, my wisdom, my knowledge, what it came down for me and my answer with my experience has been to fall on my knees and bow to the power of the universe. There have been many times that I ran the life show my way and it did not work. I made a mess and I was creating unconsciously. Living separate and unconscious so cut off from the source of spirit and from my own existence. It hurts to even write this on how lost I really was and when I thought I was awake so much of my being was ego driven. We forgot who we are and our journey is coming home and coming home to the divine presence. It is through prayer that you return to your true state of protection and perfection because it is a state of being and presence with God. It's a feeling of being safe and feeling it, being joyful because God’s presence surrounds you.
Allow yourself to feel the connection because it being in the state of love. So many of us are working and understanding that we are loved by God. If you are in this space let that be your prayer to allow yourself to feel God’s love. So in this space with spirit it is being positive and feeling positive for the future because you are in your true state in the presence with God. It’s releasing and clearing with God all those forms of separation and the fear associated with it and getting real with yourself and God. Feel your feelings and what you feel allow it to move out. So that you are returning to your true state of perfection and letting go. You are choosing too and this is the first step to be willing. Be in the state of willingness and if you don’t know where to begin it starts here with willingness. I had so much attachments to drama and to lack and not being enough. That was my first prayer to spirit that I am willing to change and let God do the rest. I chose to believe in my spiritual truth of myself because the illusion is not real and we either go back to the past or move into the future and we are needing to be in the moment.
I have learned to live on purpose with purpose and in constant alignment with God. This is a commitment that I made with God and my prayer around this is daily. Sometimes it’s an hourly prayer and sometimes it's every 5 minutes when I am moving through stuff. I am asking God that I am in alignment with the will of God, to align my will with the divine. Surrender is all part of this to align yourself because there is no other way. Because going your on way usually makes a mess. I pray to holy spirit to guide my day, to lead my day and help me in my choices and decisions to have a divine centered day because when I place God in the center my life I am at peace. Because God will move my life in a direction I could never have even dreamed of. Place your life in the palm of God and you’ll get through anything. Letting God stir your life is one of the blessed things you can do and one of the hardest because the ego will fight to keep you in the illusion of fear and separation. Make a turn to God and let the light guide you on.