The Path of the Priestess

Friday, December 21, 2012

Spirit Holiday

The Holiday is here and I think about myself as a child and enjoying the beauty of Christmas.The sweets my grandmother made and how I felt loved as a child, when I would taste the sweet chocolate chip cookie. The tree in the family room seemed so big to this five year old little girl. Who would look up and stare at this tree. I would run around the tree and the lights and sparkle it all seemed so magical. Christmas is such a special time to children and it was for me. Coming back late on Christmas Eve from my grandmothers house and openning a present at midnight with my family. Traditions for families is such a special thing. As families we build new traditions with each new generation. I think about the traditions I carried through with my own child. How I made Christmas a special time for the children in my family. The cookies and sweets that I share with the children in my family now and how they are sharing what I also had as a child. The holidays and the time with those you love and spending time with your loved ones is what makes Christmas a special time. Coming together and loving those that need a little extra love during this time of the year. Embracing the Christmas spirit and coming from a space of Holiday cheer makes all seem special. I remember making sugar cookies and ice skating, playing in the snow. The comforts of the season and the foods of the season make it a beautiful time. There were times when Christmas and the Holiday season were hard and I felt alone not included it the spirit of Christmas. Like somehow Christmas went on without me. I have come to enjoy Christmas again because I have healed from painful times in my life. Sitting by the warm fire, drinking hot apple tea and small dog in my lap, I enjoy the cozy feeling and the Christmas feeling in my home. The smell of the pine from the fresh tree and the smell of pumpkin spice. All of the Christmas decorations and the presents under the tree help me to enjoy the time of the year. At this momment I see the beauty in my life and I am grateful. We all have something to be grateful for in our life. Even when we are going through a hard time there is some light in our life where spirit is. See the light and embrace it, nurture it and nourish it with being grateful because it will lift the spirit. Enjoy the spirit of the season because that is Christmas. Enjoy the birth of the creator and remember that piece if your having a hard time during the Holidays. What I enjoy is the coming together and sharing, be it with family or a stranger. Where people are, we have the opportunity to come together in community. For me it is community and that is what makes Christmas enjoyable.
I was in NYC during the Christmas season where I don't know anybody and came together in community at a Yoga center. I found my family in NYC during the Holiday. Hear the sound of Christmas by the sound of the carols they are beautiful.In church we learned the deeper meaning of the songs we sing during this time and how it is a connection to spirit in a stronger way when you understand the meaning of the songs. For me this is the time of year of love and love for your family and the community. We express togetherness and are more open to the love of our neighbor. What Christmas memories do you have that instill joy and uplift your spirit. Christimas is a time of love and what memeory of love do you have? we all have at least one happy memory for those who don't enjoy Christmas. I look outside my window and I see snow and the remaining melted snowman. Remember the joy of building a snowman? I loved to make snow angels and snow ladies. We made snow icecream as a child and went sledding. The hot chocolate was extra good that day as the marshmellows melted and I stirred my hot chocolate with a peppermint stick. The candy canes and the cinnamon popcorn balls, fudge my grandmother made. I can still smell them many, many years later. They are what I call my lovely, lovelies and the loving touchstones of Christmas. Every year I watch the Christmas story and I have since I was a child and my child watches it too! how we pass on the traditions we do every year. I remember having Chinese food and going to a movie on Christmas it was a tradition for a short time in my young adult life. The big Holiday dinner when my grandmother cooked a Goose and made sweet potato pie. I also had the traditional foods of Germany and Mexico. It was a cool thing to see tradtional Christmas fare from two different cultures. When I was child we traveled to Mexico every year and seeing a Palm tree with lights was a beautiful thing. San Francisco is beautiful at Christmas and also NYC.
I am writing this on Winter Solstice and the time of the year of going within and a time of reflection and healing. This a restful time before giving birth in the spring. Awaken to this time of the year and rest to prepare for the new year. Use this time to get a vision of what you want the new year to look like. Write your goals and develop what I call a spirit word. This is a word of magic and a word that will provide intention and healing throughout the year. Create a ceremony for yourself and your word with your goals. I do my ceremony on the eve of the new year. I want to really intergrate the word into my being. Really get that word in my cells with ceremony and I use sound by chanting my word and using singing bowls. Light and candle, create sacred space and write, paint, draw your word. Keep your word at your altar and a place you will see it everyday and also create a piece that you will carry. It is your word of intention and what do you intend for the year! Along with all the Holiday fun also create a time for spiritual work. Create a beautiful new year with a spirit word with blessings and joy. Namaste.