The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Powerful Words of Spirit

Writing is something that has called me and my heart has heard the call of spirit.I love to play with words and how the power of words are given to heal, inspire and encourage the soul. My written words have been given to guide, heal and lift the heart. My spirit was wanting the joy of play and I kept seeing a vision as child of four. There I was playing on the play ground with the merry go round and I remember the freedom I felt has a child. I wanted my words to be that freedom that sense of play but yet powerful and would move the spirit. My heart wanted the connection to spirit and to assit others to be guided by spirit and develop the relationship with spirit. To understand that spirit desires a connection with us and this was such a healing,moving force for me. When I could connect with my inner-self and with spirit, I connected with my inner wisdom and that deep part of self. I was connected into spirit and the power of writing came through and the power to heal with words. I got in touch with a deeper part of myself the moved me forward on my path. I play with words and I play with the deeper part of myself, I allow her out to play, I ask her to play and she laughs with joy when she is heard. This is the child in me who wants a voice and her voice is my words. Having fun is such an important part of getting to know yourself and that connection of knowing yourself makes you one happy woman. This was my option to remember myself and to take care of myself. I was a woman who needed to learn self love and at one time, I had no idea what that meant. I mean love yourself what a strange foreign concept to actually love and honor yourself. When I was a child it was given that I had to care for others but myself. It was many lessons and sufferings later that I learned the value of myself and self love. I understood in my mind, but I had to get it on a body, heart level, I had to feel what self love felt like. How do you apply these principals that were given to me and others in spiritual teachings? it is one thing to hear it, understand it, learn it, but how do you live it. I had to learn to apply these tools in a practical way to my life. I wanted real tools that I could use that were not complicated but easily understood. Tools that are easy for all people to apply in their lives.
Reclaiming the power of creative, radiant women is my work. Part of the work is developing the connection to ourselves and God-spirit and allowing the spirit of the divine to flow through. Building, nurturing and having a deep relationship with ourselves and God. I love the play of words because words have the power to form a beautiful powerful play of energy that can shift an entire world and one single person to millions. I am a writer, a spirit writer, in partnership with God and together my work is spirit directed. God will bring glory and it is all in his name and my work is touched by spirit. My work was given birth through my own spiritual journey and my own healing of turning my wounds into wisdom. Also learning to allow my light to shine and really stepping into my authentic self. It was a journey that was painful, blissful, loving and joyful, but through my pain I came to know joy. Just know that if your hurting inside,just allow it, feel it and see the light because the jewel is there if you know it now or not. Take the first step to hear the call of God because you are not alone.When you take that first little step God will be there to catch you. I came to love myself, accept myself and most important honor myself through pain and healing addiction. I became the medicine woman through healing my own psychological wounds.
The play of words is what inspired me and brought tears to my eyes and I hope for you that my words will do what other words have done for me. I see now the beauty of my journey. I see the the deeper meaning of it all and believe me I had some painful dark nights of the soul where I questioned God and I questioned the purpose of my life. I have learned some painful lessons that at the time were really hard but they were needed for me to guide you now with the power of words. This is really a beautiful time and a time when you are the closest with spirit. Spirit is around you now more than ever reach out and allow, receive and most important give yourself the permission to allow the blessings of God to come into your life. I share with you from my experience and wisdom and what helped me move through the pain of growth and the pain of being reborn. The pain is beautiful because your coming into yourself. Your life is coming together and growing into yourself can hurt and part of this process is to live an authentic life. It is real and raw the process, it can be very messy, pray and lean on God. Now is the time and a time of being real and becoming that woman of spirit, of strong faith and who hears her heart, hears God and taps into her wisdom and deep self. To get here you must go through the pruning of God.
You are remembering the little girl inside of you who wants to skip with joy and giggle with delight that she is coming out to play. She is playing with you and caring for that child, who is you this is part of you that will fill you with joy. As children they are joyful and connecting with that part of yourself will bring you joy. With joy, you are joyful regardless of the circumstances and it is not conditional on outside factors, but a connection with yourself, who is this little child who wants to be free. We are stepping out, we are letting go of shame and let this girl who is you be happy. Give yourself permission to be happy. Even when at a time you were disapproved of for being happy. It is O.K. to be happy, when those around you were not happy and did not mirror you appropriately as a child. Let the girl play when she was punished for being happy. Step out from when you were shamed as a child for your joy and own it that you are a joyful, happy woman. We are remembering that we are divine we have forgotten and we are stepping into our grace and reclaiming our power. We are giving birth to ourselves and birthing a new world. A world that is full of Radiant women who are the joyful, happy, blissful women who will transform themselves and their communities. We are the women who are holding space for God. We are coming to understand the power and purpose as women.