The Path of the Priestess

Monday, December 31, 2012

Beautiful New You 2013

This is the birth of a new you in a new year. A sweet time of new beginings. We are letting go in the winter season and learning to surrender because letting go is the surrender needed for our growth. This is a natural part of the life cycle, the birth and death of all living things. Even our breath reflects this. Notice your out breath and your in breath, is one harder to do? do you take in life and do you let life go. The out breath is like death. For some it is hard to exhale deeply or inhale deeply the power of life. Change is hard even when we ask for it. We are letting go as the new light within us begins to grow. We need to make room for the new and even in our breath we need to exhale to take in the new breath. You can use your breath and visualize the new you and use your vision in the third eye to bring what your needing this new year. See the water element are you going with the flow or are you trying to re-create from your same space? Life is always moving and changing and are you? are you stuck in the old ways? see the flow of the river move you along in life. Light a candle for the fire element to give you the action of fire and to light the way for you. Let the fire warm your heart and free the emotions that are frozen in your heart. Re-connect yourself to your heart, be the real you and feel the real you being born. This is the time to be real and be real with yourself. The new year is a new beginning and you are using this time to align your goals, also picking a spirit word of intention. This spirit word is to align you with the energy you are needing to manifest in yourself and your life this year. This word will stay with you for a year. It is a word of power and it is your word of power. A word you will embody and learn about and receive the lessons of that word this year. Write it, paint it, dance it, feel it, live with it, be it, own it and chant it. It is you this year! You are your word of power. Be creative with the expression of your word and embrace and embody this magic word of healing.
This is the time of transformation and embracing the new within you and nurturing that new birth in you! Let spirit light your way and let spirit guide you. When you surrender you allow the support of spirit during the times of new beginnings. Don't worry about what your letting go of, but put that energy into faith and trust in God. Walk and work through your fears and anxieties of the future, but instead use the energy for the excitement of all the good things openning to you and all the new experiences, the exciting time of a new start. Use meditation to keep you in the flow and in a relaxed state. When you become fearful and contract you shut out spirit and you lack in faith and trust in God to support and protect your life. Allow, recieve and give your self permission to lean on God for strength and come even closer to God with prayer and meditation. When you feel anxious regarding change and letting go of the old, you are living and embracing transition, the death of the old so that the new can be born. Remember that change is a process and feel what you feel during this time use the emotions to come closer to God with prayer. You must surrender and surrender to the will of spirit. Think of God's will for you and just know that God's will for you is more than you could ever dream of. Be in peace and rest in the will of God and know you are always taken care of. Let go of your control and let God. Let thy will be done and what a relief you will feel. When anxiety assaults you, you will stop, breathe in God's love, slowly exhale your gratitude, and remember your are not in control. God is and I trust him completely. Ask God to bless you with peace and the comfort of the spirit of God. Ask God to fill you with grace and to make the changes easily and effortlessly and in Grace always. Bring in this year with peace and embody your divine power live a new year living in your potential and a life closer to spirit and may God bless you in 2013.