The Path of the Priestess

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stillness of the Soul

3:18 A.M. and the call to get up is strong and I felt the nudge to get up and write. I could feel the call of my spirit urging me to get up and write. I never know what I am writing, I am just guided to write. The stillness of the silence is beautiful time and a time to be with spirit. I am writing on this time of stillness and the power of prayer, meditation and a time to conect with a deeper part of who you are. This is a time of dialog with God or Great Spirit, whatever that is for you. For me it is God and it is when I listen to spirit and when I honor the call of spirit this builds the relationship with spirit. It builds you in your spiritual growth and disciplines your spirit for the Great Spirit to use you and hear your guidance.I have come to know myself during the hours of God, I hear the sounds of my heart. I hear without the distractions of the day, for the early morning hours are still. I light a candle for the light is essential now during the world changes and during the times of great shifting. Prayer is an important way to connect and communicate with God. I have learned to pray through trail and error and I have grown in my relationship with spirit. God wants a connection with you and spirit will work on your heart and stir your spirit, it is up to us to listen. Are you listening and have you heard the call to get up and pray? Prayer is a tool of great power and your connection with the God head and a time of co-creation with spirit. Sometimes in my greatest crisis, I have forgotten to pray. When you allow yourself to receive the blessings of prayer and give yourself permission to receive the assistance of spirit do we see the miracles of prayer. Winter is upon us and a time of reflection and rest, the time of renewal and a perfect time to come to spirit. Allow your heart to open to spirit and let spirit heal you. My spiritual roots have taught me to pray and through time I've learned to pray effectivly. In the past, I did not know that I could ask God for what I needed or to unburden my heart. Spirit knows what we need before we do and I have learned to align my will with Gods will and this is something that took time and I had to surrender. My life did not change until I called out to God to take my soul and I had to reach out. I surrendered and asked for spirit to help me. I gave to spirit my weaknesses and to help me make the needed changes to remove suffering. In prayer all things can be healed and when we ask it is given and when we ask we are blessed. Ask for what you need and feel no shame in it. Sometimes we are tested to build our faith and to believe. We have to know that Spirit has our back and believe it with faith and knowing. Then listen to hear our guidance and to follow what Spirit has given us. We have to take action and that leap of faith and to take the first step and know that God will hold us. We have to trust Spirit and align ourselves with the will of God and surrender. It is a process and honor where you are at because it is all perfect.
Do you believe that Spirit will care for you? Do you trust that God will be there? Spirit has never left us it is only our illusion that we believe we are alone. Do you live in Spirits world, where all things are possible and miracles are the norm. Do you know that with Spirit all things are possible.Develop yourself through prayer and build that deeper connection with yourself and spirit. Listen to the call to get up and do it. Let spirit know that they can use you and you listen. Talk with spirit through prayer and listen! Come home to yourself and God. Pray when needed and pray for the healing of the world. Pray for all beings who are needing healing and care and you will be blessed. Build your relationship with Spirit through prayer, have faith and believe. Develop your close relationship with spirit and have an intimate relationship that is the blessing of prayer. Because it is a time of communication with spirit and hearing your soul.