The Path of the Priestess

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let there be Light!

I have come to know God through many avenues and I went to experience, "what is God" and then began my qwest for divine truth. I came to know God through many of the spiritual practices that I have experienced and I did come to know God. I was experiencing God through many spiritual practices of different religions and each one gave me a piece back home to God. The day came when God asked me to choose, to choose a path and follow that path with devotion and devotion to God. When God asked me to surrender, surrender my being to the will of God and in that moment, I knew that God would do a better job at running my life then what I did. It was then, that I seen God at work in my life and the mystery of God unfold in my life. Christianity was the religion I was raised in and I had to heal the pain associated with God from Christianity and I came home to God through Christianity in a new way. I came back to my roots to embrace God. I felt the love of God and I had a relationship with God that I did not have before. I knew that I could love God as God without all of the dogma. All paths lead back home and it is all one and I have this knowing now. I came to know divine mother and when I remembered, then I came to love father God. It was building a relationship with God and loving God and making God the center of my life that my life began to change. I knew God in everything and I understood oneness in practice not just in theory or study, but I practiced and developed the body awareness of God. I felt God within me, not out there but within and I actually felt the experience of God on all levels of my body. I felt the union of God and I felt the union of the sacred marriage of God and I could feel the union of mother and father god within me and we became one and I understood the oneness of the universe. I then surrendered my will to God. I had to battle at some points in my life to let go and let God, kicking and screaming and I finally knew that what God wanted for me was more than I could have ever dreamed of. I knew that my life was being used for the Glory of God and I knew that I was in the divine flow when I surrendered my resistence. I trusted God enough and myself to listen to that deeper part of myself. It all began when I developed my connection to my inner self and then my heart.I aligned my spirit, heart and mind to the will of God and it was something I had to ask for through prayer. First it was a connection to myself because I had to heal disconnection and then I developed my heart connection with self love, self care and through spiritual practice and discipline I began to hear God. My journey of inner purification began on deeper levels by healing the inner wounds with healing work and prayer, hearing the guidance of God. The clearer I became the more I could feel and hear God. This is why inner work is important and we start with ourselves before moving on to try to guide and heal others. The journey was not always blissful because the times of pain were when I knew God on a deeper level and I grew in my spiritual growth and I knew another divine truth. My light is there to guide you, to turn yours on and to awaken and remember your light. I Am a light bearer and carrier of Light and we are all light. We hold Gods light within us and we are all made in the imagine of God. God wants a divine relationship with us and to come home. Sometimes coming home will lead you in many directions and each direction will bring you closer and heal another level of your being. In a instant God will heal you of all the pains and chains of the past. Through forgivness of ourselves and others we come to free our spirits and we shift in consciousness and awareness. We see ourselves as God sees us. We see that it was all given for us to grow and to be the human beings God wants us to be. When we can come to a place of love within ourselves, we open our eyes, we see the beauty of it all-Gods perfection. Because it really is a beautiful place to be because we are being molded by God. In Gods perfection we are remade into the divine beings we truly are. We become aware of our divinity and we turn on Gods light in our life and in that process some things that are not in alignment with Gods light leave our life. We raise our vibration and with the letting go of the old, the new is brought to us when we allow and receive what God has for us and we give ourselves permission to receive the blessings of God. Remember who you are, awaken and turn on your light, heal the wounds of the past by letting go and giving it to God and be renewed by the light of God. Build your relationship with God and know the divinity within you and live your life for the Glory of God. Become the divine channel for grace guiding others along the way back home to God. Live sacrdeness and be it and be the the example and be the spiritual leader today! own it, be it, live it, tap in, tune in and turn on for God. Let God use you to bless the world and let go of ego and spiritual ego and be thankful for what God has given you because all blessings come from God and God is the source of all things. Shine Gods light and ask that the light shine through you and light up the world. So be it!