The Path of the Priestess

Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday care for the woman of spirit

It is that time of the year of a busy Holiday season how is a woman to maintain her Strength, Grace and Radiance. To all women who do too much this is for you to develop a stronger connection with yourself and embrace self care. Part of caring for ourselves is loving ourselves. It is nurturing and nourishing our spirits during this time of the year. Balance in a modern time is a necessity for a women today especially during the Holidays. A woman can call in the Divine Feminine energies to assist and help her develop the connection to her heart and to herself. When we love ourselves, care for ourselves we can be the women spirit intended us to be. A woman can step into her grace and radiance for her family, community and the world. As we heal, we expand and as we expand, we radiate and all those in our environment will benefit. As more women honor themselves we will grow and our light will grow and the Divine will come through us in a mighty way, bless us and we can then bless the world. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation a women can become strong in her being and walk in her caliber as an awaken woman. Women are the grace of the divine and it’s time we remember and develop our soul mastery. Her presence will work and she can have an impact that can transform her world and those around her. The healing presence of a radiant woman can maintain grace under all circumstances. A woman is the heart of an environment. We will look at a meditation that will support you in your care.
The meditation is for Grief Release & to Heal a Broken Heart and help with any sadness felt during the Holiday season. When we heal, we help other women heal and we heal our communities. Part 1: Place your left palm flat against the heart center, with the right on top of it. Make your mouth into “O” and begin very powerfully inhaling through the mouth, expanding the navel as you breathe in, and then exhaling very powerfully through the mouth, as the navel point pulls in. Continue in this way for 3-5 minutes. Allow the breath to enter your heart center, and clear all emotional conflict you are going through. Part 2: Bring the palms together in prayer pose. Place this in front of your face, with the tips of the middle fingers at the level of your forehead. Keep the eyes focused at the brow point. Hold the position with long deep breathing through the nose. Keep your mind clear and if thoughts come just allow them to pass. This is very good for building nerve strength, and helps mend a broken heart. Continue for 11 minutes. At the end, inhale deeply, exhale, and stretch for up to 2 minutes and relax. To make this meditation meaningful to you perhaps create sacred space by lighting a candle, playing soft music and saying a prayer before you start and most of all honor your process. Honor you and let yourself be free of what burdens your heart. Journal and write any insights you receive and write about any feelings that come up. Taking care of yourself during this time by being in nature, walking, aromatherapy such as rose oil and flower essences are all good in transforming emotions. Rest, relaxation and healthy, organic foods all help a woman heal her spirit. In the process you will connect with your inner knowing and deep self. When you are balanced, centered and clear spirit can soar through you and you inspire others in their own healing journeys. Women are the midwives of a new era and our self care is a must to do the work spirit has asked us to do and we start with ourselves. We as divine women are birthing a new world and healing the heart is the place we reconnect to ourselves and each other. Walk in your caliber, grace and strength and be the woman God has asked you to be.
Param Dhan Kaur (Christina Morales, B.S., CCHt) 720-297-5840