The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Waking up at 1:00 AM, I heard the voice of spirit, calling. The voice includes God and Jesus and I felt my spirit guides, the angels, I felt Arachangel Michael. They were urging me to get up and write. Sri Ramana Maharshi came and I felt his presence and he has come over the last year. I can see his face and Yogi Bhjan, both are overseeing my transformation. I have just finished a Kundalini Training in NYC and the experience of a Kundalini Awakening occurring has been my experience for some time now. The shifting of Cobra energy as I felt her presence moving in my spine. I became her and I saw two of them, one white and one black. Her eyes looking out of my eyes as she stood to fan her beautiful glory. Mingling as they travled up the spine to come out the crown and third eye. A time in Egypt became apparent and I shift and I am in my queen nature. I see the Goddess with thousand eyes she made her presence. Looking at me and blinking with such love, "SHE" Kuan Yin,the Goddess of mercy is here. She came to me to heal me and all of humanity. The God Rahula and his protection, I know that divine forces come to aid and protect my spiritual shift. I feel the changes in my spirit, as I am being molded into the woman spirit has asked me to be. Getting up to be with God in the hour of stillness, I know that I am shedding my Cobra skin. Her shiny black, purple skin and I see her beautiful gold eyes through my eyes. The pure white, clear light shining brightly and I feel my serpent power as beautiful Shakti woman of spirit and faith. I see my Goddess embodiment and I see the sacred feminine within my body-a beautiful, powerful, Goddess Yogini. We are sharing space-Goddess and I. This experience has come to me before through Tantra in another life. The rise of Shakti awakening inside and she has risen before. My body knows the experience and this time it is occuring in a new way. A way that I can share with others. I have written on the Kundalini Awakening on a college level in Grad school and I was told that I am to mystical and I write from a mystical place. Others at school get the message and ask if I will write a book. A mystic place, a place where God is and from the depth of my soul experience, I write from here. This is a time of awakening, awakening for humanity and all women will awaken in their divine Shakti. All women will take their divine, holy space as creators of the universe. Women are the Grace of God and we collectively are remembering our divine nature. When women take their rightful place divine man will follow. I sit in the silence and in the light with God at 2:32 AM getting ready to practice Kundalini Yoga. I finish writing at 3:33 and I know that the masters are with me. It is the hour of God and the time between 3-6 AM, a powerful time of spirit. It is the time of healing and clearing the mind of old material that is ready to be released into the void to be recreated in Gods image. Again, I find myself in the void in the darkness of the cosmic womb and I am to be reborn into my beautiful form as God intended me to be. All women are being reborn and we are being reborn in our thought process as we shift our awarness of our divinity. We are all in the womb of the Goddess and some are leading all women to reclaim her power. Some are serving as spiritual midwives and serving to give birth to conscious women and children. We are all having awareness of conscious parenting and planning and giving birth to clear, conscious children. The children of a new age and we are letting go of what is not of divine order. As I heal, all women heal and we heal collectively. We are shifting in our thinking and the aspects of our being is changing. We are the pioneers for our future daughters. Daughters, wives and sisters who stand on our backs leading a way into divinty. Women who came before us and women who will follow us on a path of divine sisterhood. Come to your hearts and spirits ladies it is time to be reborn. The Goddess is ready to give birth and we are her children.