The Path of the Priestess

Friday, October 5, 2012

Shakti Luminaries of Light

Luminaries of light and the power of the Yogini came to me sitting in Starbucks after writing a paper for Grad School about the power of women in Yoga. I have been on the spiritual path as a seeker and wanting to know my soul purpose to moving into action with my spiritual path and purpose. When I look back, it has been since a small child that I questioned my purpose for God. It is all making sense my work, my relationship with God and coming into union with God. I am no longer seeking, but have found my connection and oneness with God. In the new dawn of time of the Aquarian Age, I know my role as teacher and spiritual midwife.Situations that happened in the past all were needed for me to do the work God has called me to do and I bow to the pain, suffering, joy, blessings of it all. It was all needed and even wanted change can be painful and letting go is painful, even when we instigate the change. It seems my nitch is helping others through transition and rebirth as I midwife them into new birth and form as conscious beings. All of my past has brought me to my spiritual purpose and work and I can see things that happened to me as a child were all needed no matter how painful it was, all of it was needed to teach me and I am grateful and I bow to it all. All of it brought me to the path as Priestess and Yogini. As I awaken more fully as the potential God has for me I guide and lead the way for others. A shakti pioneer moving through the world I have come to know: I am that I am and creating the way for all of humanity to heal as we raise our awareness come to divine truth. Coming fully into my light as a Yogini and Priestess my radiance and grace shines the way for others. From darkness to light I am standing in light and the whole purpose of the shadow work of the human psyche is to move into our divine nature. My inner work was not easy and many dark nights of the soul as I moved through my karma. I am here helping women remember their divinity, reclaim their power, coming together in community, coming to love one another, remembering self love and self care, claiming our rightful place in community, assisting women through rebirth as I walked this path I embody the work and embody my sacredness I assist and help women come into their radiance and the way of the radiant woman. I know because I've done the work and live in wisdom through experience. I have gone to the underworld and came out of darkness into the light and came to God through darkness and healed my heart and heard the call of my soul. Through abuse and loss of my power, I came to know the Goddess who healed my power and my soul, to coming to know God and the sacred union of divine energies to moving in oneness with God. The power of the feminine, SHE is me and it is a living example of who I am. Woman are the powerful vehicles for enlightenment and the carriers of the new dawn, of the new human being. Women wisdom is here and all women have this wisdom, it is in our souls and our blood. Yoga is a way to reclaim this power and wisdom and reclaim our power. It offers a way of being and union with God. My spiritual practices in yoga have changed my life and I embrace my serpent, shakti power as woman in this lifetime. It gave me liberation and it is freeing my soul to be in my power and radiate my light so others may see. We come to our Sat Nam-Our Truth and become really good divine human beings. I embody teacher because I lead through example and how I live my life. Through my inner work, I guide others to do the same. Just a vehicle for God to use I allow God to come through because through the divine I am able to do my work. Yoga gives more to women to be who they are meant to be and a female face to the divine. We women are leading the way for future generations and through our journeys all women heal and we are all needed to guide and assist each other. As I understand my journey I help guide you to yours and when I clear, heal and hear my heart. I guide you and all of my past has guided me to Kundalini Yoga and rebirth. To be the Yogini that I am meant to be and the Priestess that guides all woman to come to know themselves and reclaim their power, to give birth to a new beautiful shakti woman. We are giving birth to a new, healed world and through the Goddess we are all being reborn from her cosmic womb. Women we are coming into our true natures and we are healing the planet but first we have to heal ourselves before we can help others heal. We are leaning to the feminine principal to heal our sweet woman souls. Gather and come together form the many circles of woman through time and hear the call of your soul. Bless you on your journey and hear your heart. Live from your heart ladies. It is time!