The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Shaman, Yogini and The Priestess

Take three of my commitment to write and again my twenty minute session, O.K. I am ready to write. I have been feeling good about keeping my commitment to God and how I am filled with joy because I am following my inner knowing, the deeper part of myself and my heart for connection with God. I have had to set the boundaries for myself and for my spirit work. This is part of self-love and self-care to honor myself and my spirit journey. Honoring my spirit call to God and to be a divine channel for grace. I must create sacred space. My house is quiet the sun is shining through the windows on a sunny Colorado afternoon. Chai tea, little dog in my lap and the sweet sound of Snatum Kaur playing in the background. Kids outside and YES, my time with spirit. I close my eyes and hear my heart beat and say the little prayer of light. I tap in, tune in, turn on for God. Chanting the chant and coming to center, I feel the presence of the spirit ones. I begin to write for the glory of God. I felt the need to write on the ancestral connections and to our own ancestors, also our spiritual ancestors. How we our touched by their light and the guidance they provide, they point the way. Today driving, I heard the call of an ancestor and it was an ancient voice calling from Mexico from an ancient time long ago. It was a blood and spiritual connection for me. I knew within my heart and a tear rolled down my eye. It was touching to feel this presence with me. Thinking of the ancient ones and the shamans from Mexico, I slow down to listen. I connect to that ancient part of my soul that remembers that time long ago. It is in my blood, this ancient one and I remember my indigenous grandmother from Mexico and her ways of healing.Her Indian ways, her sound and the smell of copal at her alter. I thought today about the connection of Shaman-Medicine Woman, Priestess and Yogini and wondered the connection. I soon knew that it is my connection to all three because it represents me and my spirit work. It is who I am today, what I am and where I come from. I am walking all three and all three are paths to the divine and coming back to spirit. It came to me the connection that I have to Mexico through my blood and the connection of the Mexican Shaman. It brought memories of my grandmother and her ways of healing those around her. It just felt wonderful to connect to a deeper part of myself and feeling the connection and the weaving of my ancestors coming together in that moment in time. How past and present are connected and that we are not separate from the ancient times to the modern times and we can travel through the timeline to assist and heal. I thought about future and one day I will be an ancient ancestor. The linage that I come from and the connection to the lands of Mexico fill my spirit. I hear their call and I feel their breathe and hear their cries when the ocean rolls in a rhythmic flow. That is the sound of my ancestor call. The Nagual, the ancient Aztec ones, the transformation and the shifting of form, they move through the dimensions to reach me today. The melting of traditions and disciplines that I have studied to create my own unique way of spirit work. These ancients ones lend their medicine when I am on my Tantra, Kundalini Yogic, Feminine spiritual path studying, teaching and guiding others on their journey. My shakti, serpent power blending with my shamanic roots and my blood history form my radiant spirit power, connecting to spiritual energies to be that divine channel for grace. My long soul history of Ancient Egypt and the blending of traditions coming together to raise consciousness and creating the new human being in a new time. My unique spirit work for God paving the way for others to follow. Are you aware of your roots and have you connected to your ancient ones? do you notice the weaving of the past. And are you aware of how your spirit work is influenced by the blood and spirit ancestors. Part of my work is having my clients come to their inner truth and connecting to the deeper part of who they are and part of that is having an awareness of their ancestors. This ancient connection has made them who they are today. Reclaim your ancestral power and remember who you truly are. The Shaman-Medicine Woman, Yogini and Priestess all providing spiritual healing and guidance all connected to a higher power and channels for spiritual energy and healing. Remember your own shamanic roots and your own soul history. They are there (your ancestors) and assisting you today. Part of the spiritual path is that ancestral energies are guiding you and assisting you in coming to your own internal truth, light and power and healing your history is all part of the spiritual journey and coming home to the Divine. Who are you? and what are you? and where do you come from?. Where is your soul origin? where is your spirit? who are you in your heart? who are you on a soul level? Connect to yourself in a deeper way by remembering your ancient ones and the ancient ways. Connect to the natural rhythm of life and connect to the earth again. Come home to God and align yourself with the will of God and the ancestors help guide you home. I remembered a piece of myself today, a very old part of myself. May your journey be filled with light and may you be blessed. May your ancestors guide your way on. As you heal, they heal and furture generations heal.