The Path of the Priestess

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Heart of Hathor

Take four of my writing commitment to spirit. Sitting at my computer, I begin to write. This is the soul writing that will provide guidance and perhaps touch your spirit. I begin in silence and focus on my breath. Breath, the life force and I begin to notice my breath, to feel my own life force. I turn my attention inward and notice the movement of breath up the spine and down the spine. Taking my attention inward, I am noticing that my body begins to relax. The breath is moving up and down and I feel my belly rise and fall. I can hear my guidance and see visions of my work with spirit. I see visions of the season of fall and the Goddess Hathor. I slow down to listen, tap in, tune in and turn on for God and I feel the presence of spirit come through. Part of being a woman of spirit and faith is to listen to your heart and your guidance. Your own tapping in, turning in and turning on. The way of the radiant woman is listening to her deep self and her innate wisdom. She is asking spirit to align her heart, spirit and mind in harmony and aligning her will to Gods will. When we do this we become the divine channel for grace and we become this grace. We illuminate this grace to others. I ask to be brought into the presence of the Lord, Holy Mother, Spirit Guides and the Angels. I chant "ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO" a kundalini yoga chant coming into my inner truth. I begin to feel that I am coming into center and I ask the divine to come through clearly and that this writing be for the glory of spirit.I say my prayer of light and I know that I am ready to work for God. I see Hathor again in my 3rd eye and she is guiding me to write on emotional healing and healing with water. She is guiding me to using plant spirit healing and making herbal waters to heal, soothe and calm the spirit and the heart. I am channeling her guidance as I write and share with you. This healing water is combining crystals, color light, plants and water to heal. The remedy I see is using red light with clear quartz crystals, mountain spring water and four plants of: angelica, red roses, rose geraniums, rue. Allow the plants to sit in the water with crystals and with intention using the red light. Place this remedy in the sun rise and say a prayer to Hathor to heal your heart. Also say a prayer to the plants, crystals and water spirits for aiding your healing. Allow the remedy to sit until next sunrise and make the remedy on the day of Venus on a Friday closest to the Full Moon. Put into a spray bottle with a little rose oil and use as a spray around the aura. This remedy will stir the heart energies. We are moving into Fall and a season transition and it is a time of letting go. Taking with us what serves and releasing what does not serve your spriritual journey. This will aid in the shifting and aid the heart as you let go of attachments that do not serve. This will aid any sadness and heal your heart. Also part of being a radiant woman of spirit and faith is feeling your feelings and having the courage to live from the heart. Having the courage to living an authentic life and sometimes it's not pretty the shifting. It is all really beautiful the pain, sorrow and uncertainty because you are becoming a beautiful being through all of the mess. Feel the raw power of your internal alchemical healing. Just be with it and be with your process. Letting go of your patterns and behaviors that hold you back or keep you down can be messy and it is not easy. Just allow it, create sacred space and allow God to take what needs to go. Free your spirit and release the bondage of the soul and allow spirit to take the chains of the past, release and let go. It is the time of the year and perhaps have a spirit fire and use the fire to release what your ready to let go of. This is the way of spirit woman and the wise woman. Like the shedding of the snake skin so that healthy new skin can be revealed. Perhaps work with snake power animal medicine. Notice the omens and the animal guides that come and watch your dreams during this time. Begin working with your dreams through journal writing. Increase your prayer time and dedicated time everyday to yourself and spirit. This will help aid you through the process of shifting and letting go. Yoga in the morning and evening is a good way to keep you grounded and all part of self care. A woman of spirit and faith cares for herself. Journal and allow what you feel and validate yourself and let it go. Being a woman of spirit is you listen and hear your soul and meditating is a way to hear your inner self. Women are the carriers and givers of life and we are needed now to hold space for others to shift and transform. Honor your being so that you can be that vessel for spirit. Honor the cycles of the moon and honor your divine womanhood. Recalim your sweet radiant power. Part of my spirit work is to guide woman back to their power and reclaim their lost power, to stand in her authentic power and to embody and embrace her divinity. When we remember the Goddess and she is part of our consciousness and life we recaim our power. We create the space for the world to heal. We heal and we heal collectivily. When we are in our power the masculine energy can heal and come into their divine power. The balance of divine energies coming together as one. Step up women and come home to yourselves and heal your heart with the Goddess and allow her to hold you as you become a radiant woman of spirit and faith. You become one happy woman and this is the highest way of being. We are WOMAN and we are SHE! A Prayer to the Sacred Feminine and to your soul to unlock and remember an ancient code of light. Goddess Hathor, I call to you and her my song, I sing to you, holy mother light, bless my heart and heal my heart, may I come to know your heart and my I be the daughter you guide me to be. May I shine my light for your glory and to never hide my light, Stand by me and aid my healing, as I come to reclaim my divine power. Let me hear my soul song and hear my sacred soul sound and may you bless me indeed, aid me in my walk back home to your heart and may we be as one. So be it.