The Path of the Priestess

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spirit Birth of a New Time

Part two of my commitment to spirit writing for twenty minutes-Takes Two. I sit in front of my PC and I take note of the time…O.K.4:09, twenty minutes, 4:29, YAY it moves so fast. I pray to God, closing my eyes and feeling the presence of God, as I ask to be put in the holy presence of the divine. I ask to be put in his presence and I call my Angels and Spirit Guides to guide this writing in love and that it will be in the glory of God and may the world be touched by this spirit writing. The intentions are set, ask and it shall be given…asking that this writing be glorified by God. Being a clear channel is important and that I am the channel for Grace.I ask that the light of the divine touch your heart and may your heart be blessed. I have come to know spirit in the last year on a deeper level. Being closer to God and to have the balance of Mother and Father. The relationship has moved to a deeper level as I grew in consciousness and understanding. I had a breakthrough with God and embrace new ways of being that I did not allow from God the father. This last year has been a time of spiritual study, practices, yoga and prayer. A full year of deep inner work and healing. I wanted to move in consciousness and it takes spiritual work to shift and move. Many changes in my life and I mean many and it was all needed and it was part of the journey, so that I could hold more light. My diet changes, as I have more awareness of energy and light. My entire daily life changes and my yoga practice develops in a deeper way. I embrace just living a life of more awareness and depth. My relationships change as I allow God to prune my life of all that does not serve. Change and transition we have come know each other very well. I learned acceptance and to allow and to feel in a new way. My will learned to surrender to the will of God, as my faith developed to match the glory God has in store for me. We ask for more and God will come in and sometimes it is not pretty, but it is real as we learn to live an aunthentic life. Sometimes it's painful and we cry out to God to stop, but if we are to live our potential we must allow the dying to occur. I have shifted and shifted and it seems it is never ending, but the holy light is at the end of the tunnel. Just know if you are in transition and the pruning phase of your life, it does end, just hang on. It will end when God is done with his work. Pray more and have faith in God, allow God to work the magic in your life and know when it's over it will be glorious. It is so hard when your in life is in this phase and I share with you what has gotten me through the fires of the divine. JUST ALLOW! because when you fight boy does it hurt! Breathe, connect to God, Pray and increase your self-care and self-love because you are a spiritual being in divine change and at this time your the closest to GOD. Increase your prayer life and make the changes that will support you through the bigger changes. Use this time to grow your relationship with your God source. Write, pray and paint and express your experience. This is a time of endings and new beginnings and it really is a beautiful time. We humans don't like change, but we are in constant change. Things live and die it's the natural force of the universe. We are moving into Fall which is change for all of us and Mother Earth is letting go and it is the time of letting go and letting go of what does not serve in your life. Let it go and use the dark of the moon to release what holds you back. It's amazing the change we go through in life and how sometimes we want change and other times we don't. We ask for change and then we cry don't let it be painful. Birth is messy and sometimes change is messy. Just allow and just be and you will get through it. This has been my experience for the last fives years and it seemed I was in a seven year cycle of change, change and more change, but it made me who I am today. Divine Spirit Woman of Faith and Spirit. Who learned to listen to her heart and hear her soul call! hear me roar! Do you hear yours?