The Path of the Priestess

Monday, September 10, 2012

Soul Writing

Here I am writing as my guidance has pushed for so long. For sometime I've been prompted to write. Like a gentle nudge, my angels have whispered their sweet whispers of sound in my ear. As I write this a slight sadness wells up in my eyes because finally I have listened to my soul. I wondered what would I write and I have experienced writing, just now at this very momment and it is not has hard as it seemed. I just sat down and made my divine appointment and spirit came to meet me. I feel relief, as I allow my soul to write the words of it's deeper calling and knowing. It has been arranged that I would write for twenty minutes to start and progress to thirty that in time a full hour everyday to write from my heart and my soul. This is the heart writing coming from the expressions of my spirit. This is my time with spirit to fullfill my purpose as a writer. I close my eyes and whisper a prayer to my angels, saying o.k. you have asked me to write now what. What are we writing, and I wait patiently for the words to spill forth from my finger tips. This is soul time, writing soul time and my time to connect with God. How my life has changed and how I have been moved to make changes in my life and I have come to an understanding of a divine truth regarding change. The best thing is to go with the flow and allow spirit to move through you and your life, Don't fight the flow because it will tire you out. I know because I have faught and I have surrendered to the movement of God working in my life. Being present in the momment and connecting with the world around you and just being is a treasure. I take stock of my present space and I glance outside on a Colorado afternoon. I allow myself to be and not being busy with the busyness of my mind. How many of us forget to connect with the now. It is a beautiful day and I feel the warmth of the sun and the breeze from the afternoon air blow through the windows and my little dog sits in the window, glancing in through the window at the afternoon activity. My time how unusual to have an afternoon to write, it is nice and I'm grateful that I have this time for myself because I am blessed. I say to myself, in my inner world with a soft inner voice, o.k. what do I do now. I am always amazed how much we busy ourselves with activity that means little. Do you ever wonder how you use your time? and it is being used wisely. Are you following your heart and are you making time for the things that really matter. We here this message a lot, but how many of us truly listen to the faint call of our souls.I thought that I listened, but I realized it was not what I was doing and I was spending time on the things that matter less. I was distracted with everything else, but the cries of my soul. I have made a pact with my spirit, It is time to be focused and fearless now because my soul is ready and God has asked me to expand my life and create new borders for my soul. The time in our life is moving with or without us. The clock says, I am two minutes to the time of twenty minutes and I realized how fast the time went. The time moves so fast when you are doing what you are called to do. Does time move fast in your life. When you experience what gives your joy do you sense the speed of time and how it moves. Are you mindful of how you use your time and is it being used for soul time? My twenty writing time is up until tommorow for our next twenty session. May this writing move and speak to your soul.