The Path of the Priestess

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Divinity Dance of Sacred Union

This journel writing was written just the first day of this year. At the time, I was working the inner healing of the Divine Masculine God energy within my own being and re-developing my relationship with the God essence. For years I embraced the Goddess and only her. We needed to come together again and I needed to remember her again. I needed to reclaimed my power through many Dark Goddess journeys into my soul to reclaim my divinity as a divine essence of the Goddess. Now I am in my power and it came time to healing my relationship with the sacred masculine to fully embody the sacred marriage within my spirit. Slowly I accepted the god essence again after leaving my connection to embrace the feminine energy to have the Goddess rise within me. In my serpent power, I turned to face God as he turned to face me. His gaze never left mine and I embraced him again. This time as an empowered, embodiment of the Goddess essence and light.I felt and knew this ancient sacred union with a holy partner on new terms and powerful terms they were. I was reborn into the power and acceptance of holy union.

I felt called to write about the healing of the masculine energy to transform into divine masculine energy. To heal the male essence to make the unite with the holy female. It seems this is the next step after remembering the divine feminine again on this planet fully. To fully heal ourselves,the planet and the world on a grander scale, we will come together in holy union. As the feminine is healed, acknowledged and recoginized and the Goddess has taken her place they will come together. You will come together within your own inner being of the God and Goddess within in a balanced, powerful union. It is a healing of a new way of relating and being on a physical level, all the way through to a spiritual level. From relationships of dysfunction to relationships of holy union within our own inner being and out in the world in our physical relationships. The male energy will heal, as to take a balanced position next to the feminine energies. The male energy will become holy and it's time to shift our awarness and consciousness to a higher way of being. There will come a time and it is now that the male energy is healing and the God essence will be on the plant in consort with the feminine and the Goddess essence. This is the shift of the fully realized divine human being.
This is a healing of the disempowerment of both energies of creation and the energies within us. We are coming into balance and to truly coming together again. We will be truly in sacred union within ourselves and each other. When the time is here, and when we all embody this, we will be in a divine dance of unity on the planet. I had healed the parts of me that were hurt,angry and sad with disempowerment of the Goddess and the female in our world today. It was a blessing and a painful journey, as I shed the pain of myself and the collective consciousness of female pain. It first began with inner child work and looking at my relationship with my father and my relationship with male energy. Then into deep shadow work with the Dark Goddess, wow how I cried and cried. A three year journey back to myself and It was a tough journey, but the spiritual gifts were huge. We, me and the goddess came back together after being shattered and I put the soul pieces back together again, as my soul healed deeply. I had to remember my divinity and that I am a Goddess walking on this planet because SHE is ME and I am HER! Healing the feminine was part of my spiritual journey back to wholeness and back to divine consciousness. I had to heal the male energy within myself that was the next step on my spiritual path and that journey began healing the masculine within me. The men in my life and with my 3D father and my cosmic father. The male dynamic will be healed on the planet and within each one of us. We, me and god came back together in a brand new way. I was brand new and the healing brought resolution and a re-established relationship with God. It was a healed cosmic relationship. It was well worth the inner work and inner journey because pieces of my power came back in a powerful way. I was able to embody my relationships with men in a new, healed and balanced way. It is time that I enter the holy union.