The Path of the Priestess

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Divine Vision

Divine Vision and Vision of the new world. We are divine beings and it is time to hold the divine vision.The vision of God and the Goddess and the vision of the divine realized human light being. Are you ready to step up? are you ready to the truth of who you are as divine consciousness? Awaken and allow the codes of light to awaken in your heart and soul. Wake up!

It is time for every being to be in their spirit power as an awaken multi-sensory being connected to God and the truth of your soul as pure consciousness. Remember and come to the stillness of your heart. Come into your wholeness and walk on your path back to divine consciousness and move up in awareness and consciousness. Rise up and rise up to the divine, heal your woundness, heal your separation and heal the parts of you ready for spiritual alchemy and come into your light. Embrace your spirit vision and the divine vision God has for you!

What is your vision? do you have a vision for your potential? do you have a vision for your truth or your enlightment? what is your five year vision of your spiritual path? where do you want to be? how do you see yourself? know yourself and know yourself when you walk on a spiritual path. Revist where you are and where you are going and what are you doing. What spiritual truths are you ready to see and are you ready for the veils to be lifted? Who are you with and do you trust your connection to divine source. Are you allowing spirit to lead you? or trapped in the spiritual ego? Set some boundries for your life and find your true vision, the soul vision and are you being led by your soul or something else.Set priorities and stay devoted to your heart and to God. Sense it, Feel it and Know It this is your mantra for your vision. Vision, Focus and Devotion and be committed with your whole being.

Tap into your wisdom and align it with your vision which are sister energies to each other wisdom and vision. Find it and get it done because you are needed. Be clear and do your inner work so that your vision is clear and aligned with higher light and energy. Be witnessed by spirit as you become whole, heal the open sores of the soul, so that God will work through you!

What are your goals for God and how are you here to make the world a better place? tap in and tune in to yourself and hear your own soul song. Allow God to work through you in a pure way.Release untruths and false masks and allow the authentic soul to shine through. Build your foundation in your spirit work, so that your work for God is solid.Be who you really are, a reflection of God consciousness.

Take care of your shadow because within the shadow lies your gifts. Don't bypass the important part of a spiritual journey and that is your own inner journey to self and walk the path of self discovery. Transform, transmute lower dense enegeries so that you may hold more light. Be the true lightworker you are meant to be a healed, healthy and a whole being. Because your spirit work in the world will reflect your inner work and that will benefit the whole of humanity. As you awaken, you awaken others and as you heal, you heal others. How can you help others, when you have a lot of your own healing work that you have left untouched? how can the healing being clear if your stuff is in the way. How are you really helping? Get it done because again you are needed on the planet in a healthy, whole way to help the plant and all beings to awaken. But first take care yourself. Physican heal thyself and the wounded healer needing healing. When you heal your stuff there lies your gifts to help others heal. May your journey be blessed and be your light. Be the inspiration and not the draining of energy and be the potential and rise up, step up and move up in spiritual maturity with love and connected to the grace of god. Be the Vision!

Be of Truth and DIVINE TRUTH, your true self, as pure consciousness and let go of all your stories, it's not who you are and your true being that is never ending or unchanged is under all the layers of stories. It is your divinity, your true essence and light. Let go of hyprocrisy and the ways you lie to yourself and others. Don't pretend to be something your not or that you hold virtues or gifts that you do not. God has a plan for you and just be you. Shine your gifts, because you have your gifts, even if they are unknown to you. With inner work you begin to know your deep self and what your gifts are. Let go of trying to illumilate the light of others, you can't take someone's light essence. Because you have your own, stop what your doing and look within and not at someone else. Be of the authentic light, your light and allow God to work through you. The divine is not able to work through you if you have clearing, get it done, your self-inquiry and self-discovery is part of the process coming into your divine wholenesss because in that your true power is there to guide others. When you heal your shadow, your spiritual gifts lay within the unknown of your being. When you heal YOU, you become a tool for God to use. Come into the light and let all the other stuff go!Hypocrisy is not the light, but shadow! Take care of yours, so that you can be a true Illuminary of light! From there you can lead and help others heal their shadow and the planet is filled with light beings of true soul, self mastery! Become one!