The Path of the Priestess

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Treasures of the Soul

One day enjoying the light of RA and the feelings in my heart, I felt and sensed such love, the blessings of my inner spiritual work and all those who guided my journey. I bowed my head in honor of myself and in honor to the divine. I thought about the mystical experiences of the soul. The modern mystic and the journey back to god/goddess and the things that make the soul strong. When we are ready, everything we need is given by goddess/god. We plug into the world of god/goddess and anything will happen. In this world all things are possible. I felt like the divine child in the arms of my cosmic mother. She holds me and gives me the bliss,nurture that I feel for my life.

Looking over the many spiritual awakenings and how my travels became vision quests and spirit piligrimages. I was in awe of my spiritual growth and the work that has been done. We all have our own journey to walk and we all have our treasures to find along the spiritual path. Trust what your learning because it is what you need to learn. Don't be hard on yourself, have compassion for yourself and where your at spiritually because it is right for you and look how much you have done on your journey. You are where you need to be and know when you invoke god/goddess, god/goddess will come and be ready for the work you will do. Because you will shift internally.

I thought of a time when I had done a sweat lodge in 2007 and an openning to god/goddess and myself had occurred. Everything is a connection to god/goddess and I had experienced a deeper connection and alignment to god/goddess. An enlightment moment between me and the god/goddess-a profound experience. This was a heighten awareness and an expansion of my soul. It was a vision and an experience that is still hard to write about. I saw the power of my soul and the light and sound of my soul, I felt the boundlessness and the creation void of the divine where all creation takes place. Allow the moment and allow god/goddess and from here begin to see with spirit eyes. This was the voice I heard that told me to just be.

I saw and I see the weaving of life and the creation of the divine taking hold. Allow god/goddess to re-weave YOU. Do your spiritual inner work, clear and clean to bring in the essence of the divine. Be the clear channel for god/goddess to work through-a clean container. When you awaken, you awaken others by awakening yourself. As you do, you connect to god/goddess on a deeper level and this is when god/goddess is the closest to you. Allow your unfolding and you begin to feel a shift in your internal state. A clear state, like when the air is clear after a rain storm. Live from inspiration because when you live an inspired life, you live a divine life with the god/goddess at the center. Receive messages, follow your omens, follow your dreams, listen to your heart, follow god/goddess through inspiration and allow miracles-not results, but miracles. Plug into God/Goddess and live a divine life where anything is possible. God/goddess has no bounds or limitations. Live in oneness to god/goddess where there is no separation. Live a higher frequency life filled with the light of god/goddess.