The Path of the Priestess

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Rite of Sekhmet and the Cave of ISIS

Deep in Meditation at 3:00 AM, I have been awakening in the morning hours to receive spirit guidance and support. This has been an on-going process every night and I have been working with many spirit guides in other dimensions and a guru who has made his appearance known is Neem Keroli Baba. From his teachings and healings and the inner spiritual work that I have been doing with this beautiful divine teacher has brought Sekhmet for another activation and healing. From the work with this guru, he has shown me back to my heart and the love that god has for me. I see and know that I am a holy womban, who has healed her heart. I am a divine channel for grace. A clear container to hold the light of god. That is the beauty of doing our healing. We become clear to see and know god. I pray to the goddess and I look deep into the moon, I know that I am pure love, a wisdom womban. I have put god/goddess at the forefront of my spiritual work and life. I have put the will of spirit ahead~THY WILL will BE DONE. I am of service!
my work has shifted and in a divine way. I have shifted and I offer my story or experience as a way to support you on your journey back to god.

Sekhmet made her presence known as we begin our travellings of other realities and dimensions. I am in the spirit world and I enter into the hall of records and in my inner vision, I see a great hall. This place is old and I see the ancient scrolls that line the wall. Many spirit guides fill this hall and from this place I enter with Sekhmet. I travel to this place to know my soul and the souls of others. The hall is filled with a bright white light and is filled with the light of god. Within this bright white light is the light purple hue and they blend into spirals of light. Within this light I see the image of Ancient Egypt. On the horizon, I see the Nile and an ancient temple. I see the sun of RA and the hot sand under my feet. I see the Lioness coming towards me. I had openned a record of the soul.

I see her eyes as we meet eye to eye and I know she can see me deeply. Her power and love is strong and we are in the heart of Egypt. She took me to a place that was in my soul records and a place from long ago. My goddess as come to gather her daughter. I see myself in a white gown and I have long black raven hair and the rich brown skin with black opal eyes. My hair has weaves of gold threads and I have beaded hair with gems. A blue lapis necklace and gold sandals. I am taken by the goddess mother to remember my spiritual heritage. I hear the roar of Sekhmet, she is calling me home and in an instance, I am riding her back as we travel and I see an owl flying above me with a crow. We travel to an ancient cave deep in the earth and inside this cave is ISIS.

It is ISIS but she is in the form of Mary Magdalene and I also see Mother Mary and I have come to be anointed with sacred oils to embody my holiness. I stand with Sekhmet and I am in my divinity as a daughter of the goddess. I receive my rites into the sacred mysteries. I am witnessed by ISIS and all of them there in my holy divinity. The codes of light are awaken even deeper within my spirit. I am the carrier of divine codes of light and I see all the sisters who went before me. I carry this light and wisdom within my soul and blood.
I was in the cave for sometime and in an instance back in my body. It was an activation that had happen in an instance. I was in my body and back in the meditation space. It was an experience of heighten awareness and an awakening of spiritual truth. I was shifting between the worlds and I had shifted in a way that I am still feeling today.
This was a time of beauty and some things will remain private between me the goddesses who were in that cave. I will not share the sacredness between us because it is hard to write or describe the impact and intensity of it. I saw that my feet were blessed as I move forward on my walk on the path back to god. I am Holy Womban. You are Divinity! We are one and one with god.