The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wisdom Words of my African Medicine Wombman Spirit Guide~Warrior Mother

Words of the Warrior Mother from my meditation asking for spirit guidance. These words were written when I was in the Cosmic Void. Into the mystery I went and I needed the goddess to light my way in the darkness. I was asking my next steps. Being in transition is hard sometimes because we are in this breeze way between doorways. I knew the old door had closed, but yet the new had not openned. I needed to remember my power and birthright.

I called out to my beloved spirit guide MOMOJA~A warrior mother and medicine mother. Who has guided me on my spiritual path. Here are her wise words.
My child you must follow your heart. This is the voice of spirit ancestors who come forward through me. You must follow what is true for you! It does not matter the judgement of others. Do what feels right to you. You don't live your life for others or to appease others. You must risk disapproval because your calling is your calling. This is your calling and yours alone. You don't live your life to others standards. What is your standards? what is your self-acceptance? what is your self-approval? What is the voice in your heart? follow that voice. Follow your inner knowing and authority because it's your inner power. The voice in the heart is the voice of the soul. The soul knows what is true for you. What have you taken on from others? What have you thought was your energy, but was not? What energies have you taken in as yours? release and clear from these energies of others. Release the energetic burdens of others. It is not your burden. Release to me this energy to be transformed in the light of the goddess. From this place of purfication and your energy alone, set your intentions and set your boundries. What do you intend to experience for yourself and your life. What will you experience. You don't need to feel invaded by others energies and expectations. Set your boundries and set the intention of the boundries and what you will experience. Healthy boundries are part of self-love and part of taking care of yourself. You set the parameters of your life and what will and won't be part of the life story. When you do this it is part of living an empowered life and coming fully in the feminine power. You are the sovereign mistress and creatrix of your life. You are sovereign in your space. You choose what you will accept and experience in your life. Take command and choose wisely. Be in your power and take back power given to others in fear and pain. You choose from a place of the highest good and with love and your experiences will be based in love and power. Set your intentions with yourself and then with the universe. You create your future and be the sorcress because your connected to source energy and create your world of mastery. It is safe to be in your power fully and let go of those who don't support your empowered way of being. Those who love you will be inspired by your new found powerful way of being. You are the daughter of great ancestors don't forget who and what you are.
Where have we as women taken on energies of our communities and families. Where have we given our power away? It is O.K. to use our power in the right way and to be powerful. When have we played small or not stand as leaders that we are. When have we not been in our truth? Take back your power and be the powerful spirit that you are. You create your life and take back your mastery. Be the power in this life that your meant to be, for yourself or when your female ancestors who could not stand in their power or lost their sweet voice. Do it for yourself and them. You be it and own it, heal your ancestor line of great womyn before you. When you stand in your power, you help heal all womyn. Be strong on your journey and choose wisely! Be the the royal womban that you are now! it's time. To take a stand in power and leadership for yourself and the world. Bring back your voice and be the voice for your ancestors who lost their voice.