The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Triangle of Worlds and Atlantis Light and Power

I am in deep meditation with crystal bowls and bringing sound healing to my chakra system and to shift my awareness. Hearing the drum beat and the sounds of the bowls, I begin to journey into the other dimensions and worlds of light. I see Thoth and my other spirit guides and protectors. I shape shift into my light body and I see two owls. I see my spirit guide owl~a male barn owl who does not want me to say his name. A white female snow owl and she was shifting between a woman of light and back into her owl form. She was a light woman who had long blonde hair and she was in Atlantis. She takes me to Orcas Island, Wa to a waterway and I see the rainbow ray of light. I see Archangel Micheal who says I am needed to release a trap soul. I release this soul into the white light of god with Archangel Micheal a being who was trapped since Atlantis.

I see this rainbow light and it begins to be channeled into the center of the earth. It is linked in a triangle of light linking the Atlantis, Maya and Egypt together to a great crystal in Atlantis. Thoth is over seeing the process. Thoth linked a thread of creation to Atlantis, to himself as a priest and back to the third eye of myself and other souls who are part of my soul group. Anubis appeared to carry the thread and the rainbow light deep into the earth. Anubis has given this soul group and myself a ruby of power to aid our work on the planet. ISIS appeared to over see this process which pulls the thread of creation to Horus and from there to the divine human being. A transformed human being and the new consciousness. Also bringing in ancient knowledge to the earth at this time. Linking the knowledge and wisdom to light beings on the planet. I am a carrier of this knowledge and the crystal codes of light. I will know in time how all of this will manifest in my mission and life work. I am being called to remember this ancient power and light. I received a light transmission and will use this energy in time. I will carry out what is needed by spirit and I await the next step.