The Path of the Priestess

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Spiritual Awakenings & Initiations

Sitting at my altar in ritual space and bring down the moon and also bringing into my being the goddess as I anoint my sacredness. I honor myself and my spiritual journey. My story, my life, my pain, my joy and I am living a soul-directed life, as I acknowledge all of my deep spiritual work. I bring into life this full moon, my new spirit heart and a holy spirit directed life as I anoint myself and my life with holiness.
At this time, it was a time when it seemed my life was falling apart and I realized that when this is happening your life is really coming together. I was doing deep inner work and shamanic journeys and spiritual practices and when this happens you under go spiritual awakenings and I was crossing thresholds and being witnessed by the goddess. Healing crisis after another and it was a breaking point for me to shift my spirit. I was being remade by the goddess. She had to move all things in my life. All of this was putting me on a spiritual path of mastery and knowledge. I needed to add wisdom to the experience to fully be in my power and my deep inner work and the initiations had me develop myself and my power. I was coming into myself as a powerful priestess and being asked to step into leadership. As High Priestess for her community and her sisterhood.
It was important to stay grounded during this intense time of change and I was shifting and letting go at a very fast rate. My world was shaking and moving and I was becoming a mover and a shaker. I was serpent woman rising into my healing medicines, a carrier of feminine power. Through my trauma and healing, my spiritual work brought me to wholeness and the spiritual gifts that I use today in my life purpose and mission work. I share with the world my spirit gifts through all of this deep work. I am now being used in spirit service. This was the metamorphsis of spirit womban in the making.
My life was an initiation after initiation and it started at conception and in the womb space of my human mother. I had almost died twice in the womb after my mother was dishonored with severe abuse. So, under the age of one I had almost died three times. I had three near death experiences as an infant. I had three near death experiences in 2007 with three really bad car wrecks. I was saved by an angel who pulled me out of a car that had rolled three times and landed inches from a telephone pole. Extreme traumas through out my childhood had been many initiations after another. My teenage years were marked with life in the fast lane and I needed to go through darkness to come to the light. At age 19, I heard the call of the Goddess Diana and my qwest as a spiritual seeker of truth began. Another initiation into the womyn mysteries and the blood mysteries. My metaphysical studies began. I was reading tarot for myself and others and being born into this world as a psychic child and a medium it was another initiations after another. I look back and I see all of the spiritual awakenings and initiations and my whole life prepared me for my life work. Three abusive relationships and healing the trauma from these experiences had me find my power and my voice. I walked and fought the dark side for the souls of three men. More awakenings and initiations after another. I was coming into my power and understanding the right use of power. I was learning about sacred sexuality and the honor of wombman through these experiences when a man does not honor his feminine consort. I had lost a baby and through the death of two babies, I learned to honor life. This was all finding my goddess voice and power. My spirit song as a womban and coming into her divine power. The voice of the goddess and the expression of the goddess was coming through me. My trainings and initiations I had undergone through the mysteries training as a priestess had added already to the initiations of life as a womban. My story is every wombans story. I honor you and your initiations, your journey and your awakenings. Be strong sister and bless your heart for being spirit womban and serpent womban rising!Bless you and honor yourself for the courage to heal and change because when you do, it is truly magickal. Do your deep spiritual inner work and allow the goddess to remake you! When you heal, you heal all womyn.