The Path of the Priestess

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moon Mother~Honoring the Sacred Blood of Womban

)O( )O( )O(

In the Name of the great mother ISIS and Nephthys
~The Divine Sisters Red Tent that celebrates each daughter of the goddesses. We are her daughters and we come together as sisters to worship and honor the great goddesses. Come and join a celebration of Wombanhood an honoring of sisterhood aligned with the great goddess mother. Nurture your sweet womban soul and be empowered as womban and honoring the cycles of life. Come and let the cosmic mother hold you and transform you into a supported, powerful, loving sister and daughter of the goddess.

This is a Red Tent to honor the moon cycle of each womban at any age. The Mother, Maiden, Crone and honoring the life cycles of every Womban life cycle. We honor the goddess at any age. Bless yourself and your moon, your cronehood, honor your life where ever that may be. We bless the womb and her creational space in each of us. Each womban shares her wisdom and medicine and we will empower all the womyn in the tent in an honored, sacred, safe space to shine and share her light. Each sister will contribute to the ceremony and ritual prep and she will bring sacred items to share on the altar space with her sisters. Each womban will bring offering for the goddesses. We will explore Moon Magick and co-creating with the goddess in ritual, making spirit medicine and magick. We will share our gifts, skills, wisdom and love of being womban. Each tent will have a magick focus and we will explore different goddesses depending on our ritual craft we weave and create together.
We will meet on or around the the New moon to set intention, healing, ritual, spirit song and more. Each wombman will offer her light to work with her sisters in creating the Red Tent.

The Red Tent of the Silver Moon
ISIS & Nephthys )O( Divine Sisters In Power
The New Moon~Starting in Jan. 2012
7:00 PM until 8:30 PM
**Please arrive on time and ahead of time if your working sacred space prep or ritual prep.
)O( Sacred Temple Space in Metro Denver area
Please call to RSVP 720-297-5840, 303-466-8738
I will need a count to have proper ritual planning please call ahead
I am asking for a $10.00 love donation. bring your heart, your light and your love to share with your fellow sisters and the goddess.