The Path of the Priestess

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ancient Grandmothers & Lineage of Spirit Ancestors

This was written on the Eve of Samhian when the veil is thin and the spirits call. I was in ritual space and calling, singing, drumming to my ancient grandmothers, calling them in the sacred seven directions. Hearing their call and feeling in my heart space their essence as they arrived in the sacred space. I felt them dance in the space and they were sharing their medicine with me.

I feel my grandmother and I sense her presence. I see her in my minds eye and she was in ritual with me. I remember her and my English, Russian, German Hertiage. My ancient grandmothers from my mothers side and I feel all of them with me. My journey is theirs and it's ours together. I honored my ancestors with a roast feast and it was placed beautifully on the altar with my grandmothers relics. I offer the spirit plate of offerings and with the white ancestor candle. It all looks and feels beautiful. Honor this time with your ancestors and honor this new year! Leave your distractions and leave behind the past. Honor the day of the dead and honor the witches new year. This is a time of release. I see both my grandmothers on both sides. My grandmother from Mexico, an Indian Healer. She is here, I feel her behind me on the right and I know she is near. I feel my fathers ancestors coming from Mexico and Spain.

I begin the ritual of "healing the hearts of the ancestors", allowing the peace to fill the line. I have ran the healing sacred spirit fire through the line. To cleanse, purify and to release energies. I ran the golden energies to restore love and raise vibration on the ancestor line. I ran the white light of the god force to restore and balance and to fill with the angels.

The angels release any souls needing to go to the light. I honor the space with the golden rose light of the goddess to honor the women in my family. I ask for healing of the future seven generations. I honored my ancestor foundation and the ones who have pave the way for me to expand in my power. I released, healed the ancestors that were holding me back. The light of god released their pain and they received the attention they needed to heal. They have found peace and allowed the lights of god to touch their spirit. Angels went to each one and touched their heart and spirit. This ritual has touched my heart and spirit. The empowered way of the next generations to come will be blessed in a big way.Heal your line allow your spirit ones peace and honor them. Sometimes they need healing too. Sometimes their native land needs healing. Run the sacred fires and the sacred light. Restore harmony and balance, Release what holds them back. When you do, your life moves foward. When you move, they move too. Bless them always. When they heal, you heal.

In my minds eye, I see Mother Mary and Jesus with Divine Anubis watching over, healing, blessing my ancestors in love and light. This week before this ritual, power animals were coming and I saw Blue Jay and it was time for me and my ancestors to take off the masks they wore that hides their light and god essence. I was working with Ram Dass material and Carlos Castaneda material with "Don Juan" and I knew that I was in for some shifting and moving to another spiritual level. Moving to a higher level and frequency and playing with the spiritual big kids. I undestood what I was going through and the spiritual gifts that have awaken in me. I am a teacher and I am ready to be that Spirit Leader, Visionary, Mystic and it's time I step out. It's time that this High Priestess shares her knowledge, wisdom and Medicine with the world. High Priestess, Powerful Priestess shine your light and live in the glory of the goddess. It's time! I own it, Walk it, Talk it and Be it! I was shifting big time and I was expanding into a higher light being. I was growing and expanding this was a time of unfolding. Embrace your shift and your unfolding.