The Path of the Priestess

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Weaver and the Spiral Shift

I've been awakening for sometime now at around 3:00 am~the hour of god/goddess. In the stillness of the night and under the full moon. I sit outside in my bareness. I feel the moon light on my bare skin and the wetness of the grass under my feet. I call in the sacred seven directions and call on the Goddess Diana. I feel a tear roll down from my eyes as I feel her presence and the presence of the ancient grandmothers. I ask them "What is happening to me", "who am I", I am shifting so very fast. It is like a childs kaleidoscope. When I think o.k., I can rest through one shift, another happens again.Goddess I say," I need to rest", I am transforming in light speed. Slow down goddess, let me catch up with myself. This has been my process for the last six years. Initiations after initiations and shedding after shedding. Goddess says " this is your work", I am embodying more and more of goddess light. The work of the High Priestess and the molding of the goddess spirit womban. You are needed and needed now, to serve and get on with your purpose. Can we slow down "No", I am changing form and changing form. So much happens in a short amount of time. A week seems like an entire year has flashed before my eyes. Shift, Shift, Shift seems to be my mantra. I ask my guides is there ever a vacation from shifting, a time out? My spirit needs a rest to process and incorporate my new being. I am being reborn and then reborn. I have the courage to change. As I get closer to spirit and spirit form is upon me once again. I have forgotten the woman long ago who lived unconsciously and I tell myself who was that woman. That woman afraid of her power and afraid to shine her goddess light. It's like in the Harry Potter movie, I forgot what it was like to be a muggle. It takes great courage to live from the heart and co-create with spirit. I live a spirit goddess centered life and I know no other way. It's like I forgot how I lived unconsciously and life at times seemed easier. I live autentically and I am sensitive in spirit and I feel everything. I have to let my guides know that I am still human and I am in a human body to slow down sometimes. I need a break sometimes with so much spirit work and I remember to balance the work with self-care. Also having good fun and good food plus rest is all needed to keep your form strong. Also nature is good to stay balanced and remembering to check in with yourself on how you are feeling. Are you meeting your needs in a healthy way. We forget sometimes when we are processing and healing. When we do a lot of inner work we need to balance it with nourishment. When we care for ourselves, nourish ourselves it is an act of self-love.I live my life consciously and the goddess is formost in my heart, mind and body. I have awaken and I am here to guide others in their transformation. My work is the work of the soul mid-wife. Awaken to the truth of who you are and honor your life purpose and mission. Live a life of meaning and close to spirit. Raise consciousness and help the planet in the ascension process. We are becoming awaken light beings and we are all needed. I am here to connect women to the goddess once again. To remember our witchy ways. I am a bridge between this world and the spirit world. Like a shaman, a witch walks between the worlds and connected to source energy-sorceress. She brings healing and awaken awarness to her community. I embrace my power and being a shadow worker, I transform the darkness by bringing light into the world, connecting others to their heart. I am here to do spirit work and to share my gifts in service to humanity. Honor yourself and most important love yourself as you awaken and transform. Bringing you closer to the truth of who you are. I love being Spirit Womban, Moon Womban and Sun Goddess. I am Queen Ahhotep Fire Hawk~Param Dhan Kaur~ Warrioress of Light! Creatrix and Weaver of Light.