The Path of the Priestess

Monday, October 3, 2011

Waiting in Cosmic Limbo and The Darkness of the Womb

As I write this, the vision of a beautiful hawk flies above, in her freedom as my spirit joins her in her flight of freedom. I feel my spirit flying with her high above and here I go. What are the next steps when in transition I ask the goddess. When your in the end of a cycle and yet the next cycle has not began or manifested. What has been the catalyst for change in myself and to transform and what about you? what are your changes? For me it seems to be the season of fall. I have felt the change since coming back from Washington.There seems to have been an energy that I have felt since before the Equinox and then the new moon. I also had some soul clearing healing work that cleared trauma since the womb of my human mother. What was the instigation of change and what went into the cauldron of rebirth. The gestation period this endless waiting and waiting to change form. I am shape shifter and I am not quite aware of my new form taking place, but I am getting a sense of who I will be. The weaver is reweaving the aspects of my life and my form.The cycle of life and it plays out in many ways in our own lives. Transformation and the courage to change and I have felt my death. I have went through a major transformation and into the underworld I went. I went through the dark goddess journey to survive into my beautiful new form. It was major changes in my life on a grand scale and within this change has been mini rebirths. I felt the labor pains and went through the painful labor process and was reborn and was not stillborn. I have built the foundation of a new way of being. I am a shining new light being who was reborn. It was time to leave the womb and break out of the crysalis and fly high in all my glory. Within this process occured mini processes of the same thing many rebirths within one big rebirth. I meet the tests of many spiritual iniations into many sheddings and I heard the snake as she made her cry known into the spirit ears of mine. The trip for me was a catalyst but also the prep work to get me ready to meet the spiritual work taking place on the trip. Many changes were occuring for me and still are. The energy was building and bubbling over in the waters of life in my inner cauldron. The trip was the climax of energies and the affects were after the trip.My spirit is still swinging between the dimensions as I gather, process and intergrate my new awarenesses. The goddess wanted to re-make my form and lift the veils from eyes. I am in the process of waiting for this new magickal form. The thing is, that I am creating my new form in a co-created process with the goddess, who do I want to become. This is the time of puification, cleansing to create from a new healed space. It is the creation of the new cycle and when you purify you let go so that the newly created is better than the old.We are in the fall of our lives and a time of purification and clearing before the new year and what are you creating? and what are you becoming? do you have the courage to change? Hear the call of the Snake and see the vulture and fly with the hawk in your new found freedom of rebith.