The Path of the Priestess

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spirit Healing and the Balance of the Land~Part 1

My experience in Washington State has been life changing because it was filled with tests from spirit. I was called to serve spirit in ways that I did not know. It was clearing land and releasing energies and anchoring light. It was healing for mother earth and the spirits of the land. An elemental healing for the land and water. It was the lesson of ~I felt and I knew.

I went again on another soul adventure and I knew upon departing for Seattle it would be life changing. This was another transition and alignment in my being and my work. I knew that I was not a kid still playing in the sandbox, I am being asked to do some serious earth healing. Before leaving for this trip, I had been clearing, releasing and preparing myself for this work with the Pleiadians. They were working with me in light initiations, transmissions and light body activations. I was preparing my bodies to hold more light at a higher frequency.

The great state of Washington was an spirit adventure of spiritual disernment. Also this trip was healing for myself and to receive the ascension rays of rainbow light on Orcas Island, WA. I had never been there, but heard the soul call to be in Orcas Island. A trip that I had co-created with spirit and manifested within a few weeks. Somehow when I got there, I knew I had been here before as a Native American Medicine Woman. I had been receiving signs from spirit and the gentle ways information was coming before me. My spirit signs were known way back in May that brought me to travel in Septmeber. The first was to research Lewis and Clark and the journey to the coast. I had a dream of the travels and knew more was to come. A film and other means appeared to bring me the information I needed. I was ready to receive the download needed at remeberance. Other lifetimes were making themselves known in my awareness. An African and Ancient China lifetimes were seeping into my awareness.In a month of prep work and healing before the trip, I had made these lives known and to add to my knowledge base. I had a remeberance of the Pacific Northwest and felt the Natives were me at one time long ago. I remembered who I was and what I knew.

My trip began by my remeberance when I landed in Seattle and my journey to China Town and a deep love for the cultures.

The energy felt good in Seattle and when I began my journey to Port Townsend I knew I went into another dimension. This journey was a journey within journey and I began my relationship with the land. I loved the land and the sea, but an element of deception was present. I could smell the sea,but it was not the sea and that was an experience never felt before. Travelling to Port Townsend, I went to see a friend who was not the same person I knew in Colorado. On the outside it looked like a good place. The energy vibes were not good. My friend was infected with a strange energy also. It was something from a movie it was a strange experience. My first reaction was to get out of this place and away from my friend. I knew the connection was not good with the water and land in this place.

I had a dream that night, In my dream a well known teacher appeared in my dream. She came to me in a dream and I knew it was a warning. The house my friend lived in appeared good, but clearly was not. It was an illusion to forces that were not of love and light. I was sleeping in the Living Room on the sofa and this well known teacher stood by the sofa and had awaken me out of a deep sleep. She took me by my friends bed and said, "it is not good". She took back to the sofa and pointed to the ceiling above and said, "that this energy travelled through the pipes and then appeared a small boy who was responsible for these energies". I knew in the morning I needed to leave. Port Townsend is a strange town with energies of a place masking as something else. I felt the energies of death and old seamen who were lost at sea. It seemed like the place was caught in an illusion. I knew that I could not offer my teachings and services here and did not want to anchor in at the land here. I knew without a doubt that this place was out of balance. The energy for me and my sensitivity to this place was not in alignment with my essence and energy. What was this place and my friend is in the grips of that energy created such misaligment. Being energy sensitive and being an empath I knew and felt something was wrong.

My friend had asked me to go to a place called Crescent Lake to hangout before I wanted to leave Port Townsend. This lake was a glacier at one time that had melted. We were on our way to this lake to play crystal bowls at this lake. I also will mention that I was called to bleed on the land. I was called to offer my moon blood to the water and the land in ceremonial, ritual space.
Please read Part 2. Part 2 to come.