The Path of the Priestess

Monday, October 10, 2011

Shedding of the Snake~Hearing the Sound of Snake

I am writing this in nature, where my sacred spot is, where the elementals and I share our love together in oneness. Looking up, I see hawk flying in her freedom and in my heart, I am there to talk with my spirit team. What are the next steps when in transition? when your shifting and changing and shift happens.Is this the process when we want to be closer to the divine. When we want a closer relationship with mother and father god. We want to live without separation and we shift out of the attachment to ego. Is this when we say that we are shifting our will to the will of the god parents. We invite the divine into lives and we are in a shift process, a purfication process of density.A clearing and releasing of past lives, karma etc... We are molded into the image of the divine to be everything we are meant to be. We shift in vibration and our light body is able to hold higher light and vibration. Like in a dark room someone turned on the light and our fundamental darkness needs to be transmuted and transformed into wholeness. We invite the god/goddess presence into our lives and we begin to co-create a life of spirit and purpose. We are awaken to our life mission. We know who we are on a soul level. We shift in consciousness and we live a life with purpose and meaning. We live a heart centered life of power and authenticity. Our vibration changes and things begin to fall away from the life that we are not aligned with anymore. We move our dial closer to the god/goddess consciousness. Everything about us is god/goddess-centered and truth-centered. We are connected to higher dimensional living. Our spirit life and waking life fuse in oneness. We are not separated in our living with spirit living. We become one with all that is. We make the shift. We are on our way to spiritual leadership and to be the light for others to awaken on their spirit journey back to god/goddess consciousness.
Create a time to be with yourself. Because as you do, you develop the relationship with the god/goddess presence. When the god/goddess presence is the center of your entire being and living, you create a magickal life. Miracles abound and you live a life of wisdom and healing. Don't be afraid of the healing and the changes. Keep going and hear the snake call. Allow the shedding and the alchemical changes to take place. Let it all go because the light in you will shine even brighter than before. Receive the support needed and just allow and receive for your spirit and soul transformation. Goddess Bless in your journey to wholeness.