The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sacred Union~Yearning Heart Flame

Written 12/14/10 )O( in the underworld and looking at my shadow heart pain. Healing Ritual to Inanna. In sacred ritual space in a circle of light within candle flames. a Rose to my heart and tears running down my bare breasts. I call to my heart yearning and pain. Divine MAAAAAAAAAAA hear my call.

My Heart is hurting. I miss the longing of love in my heart. Missing the embrace of sacred union and the honor of my beautiful feminine spirit and divine yoni. Where is my beloved? why has he dishonored me? ignored the feminine? abused her sacred power? Did not cherish and adore his consort to love? Where is the one I am to wed? to be with in sacred union. My divine mate, the one, goddess has meant for me? I once loved deeply and at one time, it was love. What is love goddess? What does it mean to come into union? my heart is yearning and divine juices flow. What is the sacred union of man and womban? The consorts of the goddess-the union consort and the union of god and goddess. To honor her essence and bring safety and protection that she may open her sacred floor. To love the yoni fully and heart to a divine place. We all want to love, it is our divine essence to love. We all yearn to open our hearts to the gods. To feel full of the hearts yearnings. The internal alchemy and sacred union that occurs when the energetics of the feminine and male energies come from spirit into matter. What is the depth of the love and how much love can you take is your vessel big and full! How much can we take before we break. How deeply have you loved? Will you love to your heart yearning? When is it love and when is it not. What energies have you given birth to in your loving? have you lost yourself in love? and when have you lost it? I love being blessed by the goddess and are we moving into sacred union. When we honor ourselves, we honor spirit. Care for yourself divine womban and remember it is honor to make love to thee. Remember your royalty, your divine birth right as sacred womban. Shakti and Shiva, Isis and Osiris, Krishna and Radha. I am ready for divine union. Heal my heart, womb, yoni ~to allow and receive divine union. Hear my call bring my sacred mate to me. So mote it Be.