The Path of the Priestess

Friday, October 28, 2011

Part 2- The Clearing and Healing of the Land

This is Part 2 of the Washington land and healing journey of light.
After I had come back to Denver, Co from Washington, it had been an intense time of shifting to higher awareness. At this time, the power animal medicine I was working was Vulture, Snake-before the journey started, Magpies, Crows and a Fox. These animals made their presence known in dreams and in the physical world. I was working with Mary Summer Rain's work with No-Eyes and reading Paulo Coelho "Brida" this material brought back many memories of other lands and times.

During this trip I was on my moon and felt such an urge to bleed on the land and in the water. I felt such a beauty with some of the places on the land. I knew that even though the beauty of the land was there. I knew that the land spirits were angry and a serious imbalance had occurred long ago in this place. The place felt deceptive it looked good, but it was not. This lake would feed or take the souls of some who had visited. I knew when I saw this lake something was amiss. We drove to the lake and parked. I went to the lake edge to feel and see the water. This lake had the most intense blue I had ever seen. I could see this lake was deep and the spirit of lake had a depth to it. I knealt down and clearly saw the water spirit and I was saw an angry one. I knew not to get to close or this spirit would try to take my life force. She was reaching to pull me into the lake on a soul level. She was angry at the people at the lake and the disregard to the water essence there. She was angry with the negativity there. She wanted people to leave the area. This was almost like a haunting. I told my friend we were not welcome here unless we appease the water spirit. We drove to the east beach thinking maybe this spot would be better. I knew it was not it was a general energy in the entire area.

We were at the east beach and it seemed clear that we could do a healing ceremony at the water edge with the crystal bowls. My friend had brought some crystals from Mt.Shasta that I would give as an offering to the water spirit along with some corn meal. All of a sudden, a sworm of people showed up of very low density and I knew on some level it was interference. No place felt good to do the ceremony in some semi-private manner. We found a table off to the side up along the mountain side with a small spring. We thought that this space would work to do the healing. We began to head toward the car to gather our belongings and as we turned the corner, we looked out toward the table and out of no where appeared these men. These men appeared one second and were gone the next, like puff and puff they are gone. These men had very low vibration and I stopped in my tracks and did not want to go over there to the table. They we waving for us to come and sit with them. The men were not real men and I knew they were not the souls of human and appeared almost to be ghosts and a bleed through of a time before. They had a vacant look to them and I told my friend "NO" lets not go there. They were gone when I said, "NO" we moved to the other side of the beach. I knew that the healing needed to take place regardless. I cast the circle, called the seven directions, invoked the gods, and I asked for healing and protection.

ISIS-EAST, Archangel Rapheal
Ma'at-WEST, Gabriel
Hathor-North, Uriel
I asked for White Buffalo Cafe Woman
Ascended Masters Above and below Anubis
all of the goddess energies and angels
Grandfather Sun, the sky above and asked for Horus
The Star beings of light.
within the lord and the lady.

I ground and ground the land, connect to the heart breath and space within me and the center of the earth. I invoked the equal arm cross. I offered the crystal and ran the violet sacred fire and put a golden grid in the area. Jesus and Mary Magdalene appeared to restore balance. Grandmother Spider appeared to help me and to bring a dimensional healing to this place and the spirits in this place. My girlfriend played the crystal bowls and added a huge crystal to anchor light and change the water code. I began to chant an ancient chant and we toned in the area. When I cast the circle the shift of energy was felt. The people left the beach and the healing occured very quickly. I knew it was done and it was cleared and balanced. I left and never looked back. The place was in a state of harmony. We had anchored the light. We co-created with spirit to bring healing and I was the clear channel for this to take place. I worked with god and god worked through me.

We went on to travel to hurricane ridge where the same thing took place. The time there was a blurr has time moved so fast. We travelled the dimensions and shifted into another realm. Time seemed to not exisit. This was a journey of healing and transformation and a shift of awareness. I felt like Carlos with Don Juan and a shift of perception and went to a place that was not of this world.