The Path of the Priestess

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Metamorphosis of Spiral Goddess Light

I am writing from channeled writings I received a year ago at the full moon at my altar. At this time, I feel called to share my writings and I am being called to stand in my power and my work. A weaver of awareness and the awaken state.

Transformation of Light and the metamorphosis of the goddess and the soul metamorphosis of my own being. The goddess and the sacred feminine energy of all women being set free. As we share our stories and our light into humanity and we remember to honor ourselves the world will begin to accept the feminine power. As I am rebirthed, she is too and we are free. As I heal, she is also healed. I walk in her love and her light as I embody the radiant goddess energies. A walking, living goddess of light sharing her power with the world. Rays of light beam from my light body and all women are embodied goddesses who for some need to remember their goddess consciousness. Awaken sisters we hold the mother's rays of light. We hold the mother flame within our heart and we will all remember this connection in the new dawn of time. Gather in great sisterhoods once again.

Transformation of light the process of purity through light and remembering our divine hertiage. Remember spirit sisters our ability to manifest to be a true sorceress and connected to source power. We are the creators of life and we are an equal force in the sacred marriage in sacred union. We birth matter into form and into the physical world. We hold the light threads to manifest. Like the potter or the weaver, we mold the threads of life. The threads are the frequency of light and each thread is made of sacred geometrical shapes of light. A holographic light and essence. We create this on different realms and dimensions. Spirals of light, we ride the spirals of light into other realms, as walkers of different realms, like dreamers into the dream time. Priestesses and shamans, the medicine makers have this ability and at one time we all had this ability to transcend the world. We lost our way as the mother begins to be in all thoughts and make her presence known we will remember. The ancient ways in modern times. The ancient ones will assist humanity and we will remember. Goddess ceremonies of light and rituals of transformational light. The ancient rituals of ancient ways. Ancient ways for modern times and the modern priestess the carrier of the ancient ways.