The Path of the Priestess

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mediumship Readings & The Akashic Records~Readings of the Soul

Mediumship Style Readings and the Akashic Records

*Connect to lost loved ones and ancestors also spirit directed readings.

*Connect to your spirit guides and Akashic Record Readings.
*Readings are done in sacred space and are private.

*These are channeled readings and based in love and light

*I use aromatherapy, vibrational flower essences and sacred sound to bring healing and transformation of energies for healing and releasing of energies.

* readings are an hour long and can be longer if needed.

*Angels are part of the reading session to bring protection and healing to the session

*I will also connect and work with your spirit guides and angels during your reading

*Private custom blends of oils and floral remedies may be for purchase and are an addition to the reading fee and range from $12 to $65.

* I will work with families and groups for a group or family reading

What is a Medium

All Mediums are Psychics not all Psychics are Mediums. In the same way that all Surgeons are Doctors but not all Doctors will go on to be Surgeons. A Medium is a specialist, so to speak. A Psychic tunes into the "aura" or "energy field" of the person that they are reading for to gather information, while a Medium can also do this a Medium is also able to tune into the energy field of a person no longer in the physical body. I am actually able to connect with both "spirits crossed over" and spirits still "Earthbound" or typically called Ghosts. I work with angels, ascended master realm, goddess energies and nature spirits, elementals in land healing and balance. I work in higher frequency and light and work in a protected space of white light for healing and safety.

My Spiritual Gifts and Talents

As a Medium and a Psychic, I am Clairvoyant which means "Clear-Seeing" I can see spirits and images that they show me. I am Clairaudient which means "Clear-Hearing" so I can hear them speaking to me in my thoughts, telapathichally; I will hear names, names of places, nicknames and other words. Some spirits will quite literally speak to me and have a conversation. I am very strongly Clairsentient, which means I can sense or feel their emotions; pains or injuries they had while in the physical body; I can also sense their personalities, for examples, if they had a great sense of humor, were very serious and stern, depressed etc. I am also Clairambient, which means occasionally, they will impress on to me a particular smell that would have been symbolic of them. I also am a Remote Viewer, which means that I can psychically "tune in" to a person or a place, some where else on the physical plane and see what is going on. Clear knowing and seeing and I am able to shift in dimensions and realities. I access the soul records which are the Akashic Records. Accessing the records I will see into past lives and see and know who your guides are in this life. Ancestor connection and assistance are part of that. I am also a Multi-Dimesional healer, clearing and releasing energies. I work in restoring balance to land and spirit rescue.

Spirit Communication

*Every spirit communicates with me very differently. Some will choose to show me a lot of visual images and symbolism, while others prefer to "speak" to me with thoughts. As different as their personalities were in life, they are in spirit, as well. Some spirits are very good at communication through this process and some are just learning, and it is as new to them as it may be to you. Sometimes it will be a smell or I will see the spirit which is not always from a human soul.

Sometimes spirits may show up to assist that you may not know in this life, but your souls know each other and they are their to offer support and please be open to who may show up for your reading. Readings are on spirit time be open and let go of all expectations.

Reading Fees & Session Appointment Set-Up

*Readings are $95.00 an hour and longer sessions available at a $1.25 a min. after the hour. Group or family readings are $170.00. Workshops and classes vary in price.
Cash, and Credit Cards paid through Paypal.Check is O.K. if local and I have seen you before.
Phone reads are available if not local and out of state or country.
Please contact me to set up your session. 720-297-5840, 303-466-8738,
**I am in the Denver Metro Area and will also travel to your location for an additional travel fee of $25.
*Travel out of state and country available and offer workshops and lectures.
**I require 48 hour cancellation and payment must be made 24 hours prior to your session.
Sessions start on time, please plan accordingly.
**I am professional in what I do and please be respectful of the services offered.