The Path of the Priestess

Friday, October 28, 2011

I Am, That I Am-The Guidance of Metatron

Deep Meditation with Metatron on 10/16/11
I am connected and work with Metatron and have been through the years.

I am that I Am, The words of Metatron. You remember your greatness, feel the power of the pen in your hand. That is YOU! Your power, Be in your Power! as you are in your power, you serve god and the light of you is the god essence of you.God has much for you to do REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!. Remember the great place of Atlantis where you were and where you held great power. Rememeber the great stones and the ancient stones of earth, for you placed them there. You placed the stones with others. The Stones of Stone Hedge, REMEMBER when you were the great man in that life. When you placed the stones in France, channel the power through the great stones, like big tunning forks for the earth. They hold the frequency of sound and this sound will blanket the earth in a grid around the planet. You and your soul group will place the grid. You are ready to meet your soul group. They have been waiting for you to stand in your power. I will work to finish your training and I will rewire the eyes and the finger tips. The toes for the toes anchor you to ancient knowledge. I am attuning your sleep and drink water, coconut water, chia, carrots, yams to anchor more light within your body. Eat your greens and you will be strong in body. I will shift your work and from here you will teach the mysteries. I will teach you and with your soul group you will travel. I will send you to France and the UK. In France you will meet your divine mate to anchor the energies of the male/female energies. You will travel several places to lay the grid work. I will guide and listen to your heart for I lay there in the heart space. In time, you will be guided in the water ceremonies of the Magdalene. I released the spirit of your grandfather along the female ancestor line to bring healing to the feminine line. You will see the shift. Adoni.