The Path of the Priestess

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Higher Light Frequencies & Spiritual Nourishment

Once again these writings are coming from channeled writings done a year ago.

Goddess light and the vibration of food. Vibration and food-food spirituality. The sacredness of the food intake. How the quality of food and how it affects the light body. How does it bring more light into your light body? the energy of food on light beings.

The new children are extremely sensitive to the quality of food. As are many lightworkers and spiritual people are at this time. It affects their nervous system the chemicals in foods. The new ones are finely tuned souls that the purest foods are the best. These little buddhas are the compassionate ones with fully opened heart spaces. Gentle experiences are good for these little ones. They are connected with the flame of the divine mother activated in the heart space. A fully flamed heart glowing with the pink ray of Mother Mary who overlooks these tiny divine souls. They are the mini masters of higher consciousness levels. They are coming into parents who are awaken and highly evolved. These are the parents of these high developed beings. These beings are connected to the dolphins and hold the rainbow light. They are higher, highly kinetic souls of the venus ray of light. The pink ray of the goddess shines forth within them. Gentle, loving, psychic little souls. They are here to hold the frequency of peace and higher frequency living. They hold a huge amount of light and love. Like dolphins in human form or the unicorn energy. They are the carriers of joy and peace. They raise and keep the light and inspire those who are lost. They inspire the entire world with rainbow light. Gaia is inspired and loved by these little light beings. These are the children who their parrents walked through 11:11 portal. These are the children who choose to walk in higher dimensions. The portal into the new world. They are there to help the lost ones stuck in the old world. They will show us and some will make the shift. More beings will make a commitment to raise consciousness and evolve and make a commitmnent to hold more light.