The Path of the Priestess

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

High Priestess of the Star Light and the Rainbow Light Warrioress

High priestess~The making of the priestess, a warrioress who goes through the rites and the initiations to cross the veils and be witnessed by spirit. She embraces the changes with courage and strength of the warrioress. The tests of spirit and the challeges of spirit growth and development into the full potential of the rainbow warrioress. The shaping of the priestess into the spirit form of the shining light body. She is given to the goddess in service of her people and to spirit to serve in spiritual skill and service. She is the carrier of great skill and knowledge. Wisdom holder and healer of light, she is the one who knows. She is the shaman womban who brought healing to her people. She communes with the spirit realm with ease and grace. She, the shifter and the maker who travels the dimensions for healing and transformation.

The initiatory rites of the priestess into the mysteries to develop and to test her skills. She develops her power and to maintain a higher frequency. She develops her spiritual skills to be the clear channel for spirit. She is honored for her skills and service. She embodies the goddess essence and is the goddess. She the wisdom and embodied feminine power, she is the bridge between this world and the spirit world. They are the spirit wombman. They have confronted themselves and their work has been life long. They have transformed their own inner darkness into the light of spirit and received the spiritual gifts. They have met their spiritual tests with honor. She hold the mysteries of the universe and the wisdom of the temples within her sacredness. She is the oracle and holds the prophecy. She is the medicine maker, teacher and healer. It is a calling and a blessing to wallk this path. It is a great responsibilty to hold and to be in truth and integrity. She is the goddess light and lives from the heart in authentic power.

Priestess, the keeper of the mysteries, the keeper of the knowledge, wisdom and the keeper of the natural energies of the earth. All wombman are the priestesses of the earth mother. The image of the priestess holding the book of power has entered my spirit light. She has the wisdom of the hidden, what is seen and unseen. She is the inherent power, the path of the priestess has been the path back to my own goddess power. I own it and embody it in full power and light. I have went through the deep inner alchemy and transformation to hold the power that I do. I hear the wisdom in the wind and the elements of the natural world. I still my mind and my heart and see my heart flame, shining with such force. My sacred ground , the sacred space within myself, where my womban spirit lives. I remember the priestess in other lives, I sing to the goddess in those ancient tongues of wisdom. I sing from the depth of the priestess, when I am at my altar space, I shape-shift into her form of power. I chant to the divine mother and I honor the sisters before me who laid the path back to my power as Womban.

The tears roll down my eyes because I have touch an ancient part of myself. When I honor the moon, I tap into the Crone, the elder that is part of my spirit, who is the holder of my wisdom. When I remember my spirit roots and connect to the goddess, I see myself in all things. I tone and the sacred codes come forth from my sacred voice. I am the carrier of the priestess codes of the light, my star code channels wisdom from the ancient lands. When I see the ancient temples in my spirit travels, I see the ancient ones who hold me dear. I embrace the spirit teachings from my spirit teachers and bring this wisdom into this dimension. I feel the wind on my face, as I take in her divine codes of light.

Sacred Yoni, My sacred Yoni and I feel myself giving birth into nature, my creation is born. Held by the power of the earth and my sacred ground, I sit in my power spot. I just had an awareness that my root system and the root system of the power spot looks like the openning of the sacred earth yoni. We are yoni's sitting together exchanging energy. This sacred portal space opens the doorway into another dimensional space. We share our awareness of feminine, priestess earth power together. In this space, I journey into myself, to my sacred power yoni. My rites of sacredness and rites of passage, I travel through time. I see the spiritual development through the ages that my spirit has done and gone through. I see the variety of spiritual disciplines that guide my soul. My vision is in the red tent long ago, in an ancient land of Egypt. I am initiated into the wombman mysteries. I see Goddess Sekhmet, she fuels my spirit fire and the flame in my heart as a carrier of the mysteries.

I reach deep into the sacred womb and I begin to gather the energies to weave my new being. I have birthed myself and I feel the connection to the earth and the spirit world. I command the energies of the natural world. I see the spirits and I see the goddess. I travel the dimensions as a powerful priestess, I am connected to the higher frequencies of light and have learned the lessons of discernment. We are the holy womban, embrace your birthright and heal. Do your inner work and shed your pain sister. Clear and release to the goddess. Embrace your dark goddess journey and learn from the mother. It's your journey to come back to your power. Inspire your sister and shine the light for those who are lost. Review yourself and your life and embrace the internal storms of your transformations. Your inner alchemy is sacred and walk in divine light. Look at your shadow because inside is your treasure and gifts. Bring healing to yourself and your sacred yoni, womb space. Your the New Awaken Priestess Womban.