The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Hands of the Goddess~Light Rays of Healing

This is written 11/16/10 in sacred space at my goddess altar in honor of the mother, I receive divine transmission. In sacred journey space, I travel the dimensions to a temple of light. The sounds of crystal bowls fill my awareness. My spirit journey begins. I see my spirit guides and we travel the dimensions.

Magick from my hands and the rainbow rays stream from my fingers and light overflowing into my life. This vital force of energy and the force of the sacred feminine fills my life. This force flows out my hands, as I heal myself and others. My hands are the creative force of the goddess because as I create light codes with my hands, I create healing for the planet. She will create and she creates through me, we heal the world together. Everything I do is touched by the goddess energies.

Goddess we love together, and heal the world together and we share the essence of the divinity that is within me with the world. I am a goddess on earth and I embody you. I embody your codes of light and within my soul flame shines the goddess codes of light and the Carrier of Light Codes.

A strong, solid stream of clear white light streams out of my hands into the world in a web of light around the earth. All that I touch and are touched by me, is blessed in goddess light to transform and heal. Great codes of light fills the heart space of everything. A circle of light-Holographic light with particles of light, and green and blue light particles fills the spaces between the heart flame of every human being, turning into light beings of crystal light. These particles contain codes and geometry shapes of sacedness to raise frequency and vibration on the planet. All of this light has purpose to manifest an enlighten being to change the world. We are the crystal, light beings who are downloaded with the codes of light. Metatron releases these sacred geometry forms into the light codes into the heart flame of humanity.

We are all made of light particles that receive the codes of light for transformation into crystal beings of light. These particles cluster to create the new crystal form. Our new bodies of crystal light with higher frequency and vibration-we the new human. This is the mother essence and these particles are remembering the transmission of goddess essence that filled every divine being of light at that time long ago. A time in Atlantis long ago when we embodied crystal codes of light.

The Goddess Essence and the divine smell of her sweet loving essence for her children fills my being. A spiral of light that looked like a DNA Helix was around every human being. I saw this beautiful pink color of light that had a smell of the most sweet smell of love. We will smell her essence as she will become strong, we will smell her essence in those who embody her essence. It's all a matter of remembering the mother essence. This essence is what will fill the pain for some. The pain will be filled with this essence of love.

The god essence will fill mankind 2014 and the unite of divine essence together will be in harmony as great rainbow light and new children born into the sacred union of masculine/feminine energies in sacred marriage, will have the flame of the god/goddess already in the heart flame. They will be programmed to this essence and they will know and be. They will be surrounded in the rainbow/aqua light of radiant crystal light beings. They have the god/goddess already within the heart and soul flame. These are dimensional beings of light who come to have a higher dimensional living on earth with parents who embody the codes of light.

Darkness will be converted into light through the vortex of the divine mother-a strong force of light, all illusion will disintergrate to pure light-the original blue print of light. In this purity, the light is the divine, pure threads of creative light. They are the mallable light codes that will form a light creation to serve and assist the goddess to transform humanity. The goddess of light and the rays of light and she is the cosmic creation of the cosmic worlds of light.

The goddess and the planetery energies will create a web of light to unite the ascension of the planet and humanity into healing oneness of divine codes light.