The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Divine MAAAAAAA ~ Who is The Goddess

Goddess Essence-what or how does her essence change the world?. I never had to learn about the goddess, it was just about remembering and the ancient lives where I honored her essence as a priestess. I remebered my connection and the connection to the energies of the natural world. The balance of the sacred union of the holy energies that mankind are remembering. This balance of female/male energies we are embracing. Where an imbalance took place long ago. Goddess mother how do we become the world in balance? The cleansing and purifying enegies of mankind and the world for healing and balance. How do we change and heal? The Mother, Maiden, Crone and the many faces of the goddess. How does mankind embrace your faces and the faces of the moon. The tradition of the moon and the energies of the goddess. The fluid of life and your blood, the blood of the life force and the blood I release every moon, as I give back to the mama for sustaining me. Is the blood the healing elixir? How you touch the world with the moon blood. You clean the wastleland that mankind has created over the timeline. The healing waters to heal the man and the timeline to restore balance again. You bless us with your rains that pour from your breast, you nurture your children.You nourish the land with blood as every womban releases her blood. You bless us with love as we learn to love one another and remember our oneness. The divine mother is love and through her love the world will heal.She will heal, as will all her children. We want you to heal in all ways. As humanity raises its vibration and shift into new awareness, the whole planet will change. Humanity will come from the heart space and be in authentic power and not power over. We teach the children to love in a new way.
The children-the entire soul process is birthed through the womb of the mother. The earth herself came from the womb of Bridgit and Bridgit came from the womb of the Shekinah. Shekinah is equivalent or came from the great Ma'at, great cosmic mother. As Shekinah is the mothers of mothers, Ma'at is the mother of the great cosmos herself. Universes, Dimensions and other realties all was birthed through the mother. Human women give birth in many ways. The womb is the space of life. Goddess is creator of life, as women are the creator of life. Celebrate life , the life force and vibration is the magick of life. The life fluids hold the frequecy of life force, the code of the soul and the karmic code. The healing of the world will accept and honor the earth and the mother. We will honor the two in one held in the heart space. The heart space, the shape of the vulva of the divine mother. The DNA helix the inner connection of the two forces within the heart space. The process of awakening is when all of humanity comes from the heart space moving into higher realms. The transition is changing the perspective and perception of humanity to live in the higher realms, 5th and up in the dimensions. We are living the dimesional living when we move to the heart space. Transform lower levels of being by placing the energies in the heart space. The light of the mother, her sacred pink flame of unconditional love. Be in the sacred space with divine mother and know as you honor her, you honor yourself in self-love.
The Fire of Sekhmet
Transformation of energies into oneness and love
True Goddess Alchmey the Transmutation of Energies from the darkness to the light.