The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Crystal Womb of Crystalline Light

The crystal womb of light within the divine womb of light. A cosmic womb within the female womb. The sacred yoni of cosmic light swirling in spiral light. Enter the feminine and the lunar energies of the moist, dark and boundlessness of creative power. This is the womb of divine light, our new womb space. The new womb of light that will hold the new children of the earth. We our birthing ourselves in higher light and vibration. As divine womban we will remember our divine hertiage, our natural birth right and the honored space of the sacred feminine. The new Womban will become the embodiment of goddess energies because she is "SHE". Goddess incarnates and bringing the goddess to the earth plane through the sacred womb and divine form. Our spines and womb will change to anchor more light. We will hold higher light and frequency has we are honored in our royal birth right as womban. Divine children will come in pairs, double the light and double frequency. They are coming to divine mothers, coming into sacred union. Step into your divine birth right and the sacred female creative power. Bring healing to your womb and step into your creatrix power. When you do you allow other sisters to embrace their power in divine sisterhood. Be the royal, radiant, awaken womban for our divine creations and our new children of rainbow light. She who is!