The Path of the Priestess

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Chalice of Hathor~Transmutation of Shadow Energy!

When I went to Washington it was an rite and passage in my spiritual development and a shift in my soul. I came back and had done a lot of clearing and healing work on my own and with other healers. A lot of reading and healing was taking place at this time, as I was reading the works of Mary Summer Rain and the visionary works of No-Eyes. During this time I was a novice, an experienced woman in the occult, who came to No-Eyes as a humble woman ready to learn. I came to the medicine womans work as a novice and a huge shift in my awareness and a huge leap in my spiritual growth took place. I was in a transition space and many sources were the catalyst of change and death for me. My work is shifting, I am still teaching and doing healing work, but I have shifted. My readings are changing and I feel changes in the physical body and on all body levels. Are these the light body shifting ascension symptoms taking place within me. The night before the fall equniox when I started reading "Dream Walker" I had my own experience with shape shifting into a past life as a native american medicine woman. It was me and some how I took a back seat to this spirit woman. It was me in another form and she completely took over. A beautiful Shoshoni woman I saw my dress and the beads on my moccosans and the spirit design that is my soul symbol. I began to chant and sing in Shoshoni she became me sitting at the goddess altar. I was singing and chanting in another tongue. I've experienced deep channeling before as I am a channel, but this was a new experience because it was like I was not in the body at all. I was bringing the Equniox in with the spirit songs of a Shoshoni medicine woman. I have been working with oils and herbs to bring clearing and releasing of energies and she has been coming through in my healing remedies. Purification, protection and strength are being built by working and embodying this medicine woman.
I noticed since before Washington and after in full force that disernment and my spirit eyes have been open clearly. I have an awareness of the shadow of others. The place within them that needs healing. It's like x-ray vision and this experience was the wisdom of discerment and learning truth. With my new vision I see in a new way then before. This is an experience of spiritual discernment and this has been a lesson for sometime. I became aware of it when I began doing readings on an outdoor mall over the summer. First, it was an discerment of energy and an assesment of energy. I see this energy in others that need transmutation and healing. I am reading soul energy not people or the form. It's like I'm assesing the energetic make-up that surrounds the soul of others. How much overlay people have over the light of the creator. I see right through the illusion into the depths of the hypocrisy. I am not fooled by deception that they present to the world. I stand in truth and I see the truth clearly. It has been like the veils have been lifted from my spirit eyes. New awareness has come to light and I see the light in others if it is present or not. It is an awareness of seeing through and having a sense of knowing. Being able to see through to the soul essence and knowing who is human soul or not. It's having an awareness when an entity has taken on the form of a human soul or a spirit has manifested as a human, but it is not. Initiations and spirit tests were present so that I learn and to align myself to truth. I began to see lightworkers who were not of truth or at one time I thought were light, but are not. Just because it appears as light does not make it so. Have these lightworkers veered off path? were they falling into darkness or were they there the entire time. I realized that the same energy I was reading earlier is the same energy in others who seemed infected with this ancient energy. I am sensing the inflation or deflation in others and when the shadow has began to make it's presence known. When energy disempowers it is not the truth of light and god. If it depletes you or feeds off the life force it is not light even if it masks itself as light. Just because it appears as light may not mean it is good for you or it may not even be light. It seems in the deeper knowing of our being we know truth when we hear and see it. Humanity is hungry for the truth and what is truth of god. We feel it in the body and the heart space when it is truth. We are empowered and feel lightness and joy within when we hear or know truth. Release from your life the negative people and the pain of the past. Release the illusions because it is not the truth of who you are. Anchor in on the truth of your being and know your core worth. The light of Hathor has come to bring healing and balance to restore the truth upon the planet. Trust in yourself and the goddess to lead you in the right direction. Know that your are protected and hear that still voice within to lead your way because that is the voice of god talking to you. Follow and connect to your heart flame and you will know truth. Live your life from your heart space and allow your spirit to lead you home to god and the truth of god.
I am shadow worker~a catalyst for change, so that others can heal the darkness within them. I am a mid-wife for transformation and transmutation of the shadow of humanity.