The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spiritual, Transformational Soul Midwife~Dark Mother Medicine

Another rebirth and another shedding since my birthday on July 14th and on my Birthday working with the animal medicine began. Nature began to send her messengers. I saw her~Grandmother Bear and I saw her on my hike and the way she moved her body up the Moutain. One clue that healing was on it's way. The next clue was a week later I almost stepped on a snake as we encountered each other. I knew here we go again. Another shredding of form and into a higher form, as the fire~alchemical fire was wanting to transform my spirit once again. I hold the mysteries of the universe and part of this knowledge is spirit alchemy as another element of my being is wanting to transform. I guide others in their transformation of giving birth to themselves once again the rise of the phoniex from the ashes. My life has been very pluto and scorpio energies engulf me.I assist in soul birth and to awaken and to remember the truth of their being. I am a guide for them to remember their divinity. We are co-creators and to live life from the high self. I'm the light back to their journey to the god/goddess and guide them onto their spiritual path. As I heal, humanity heals and the energies of the earth herself heal, as we all heal. Into the womb of the mother, I go again to be in her cosmic waters awaiting my birth again, as Radiant Woman of Light. I knew when I saw the goose and found a handful of her beautiful white feathers that childhood restrictions and limitations are being lifted, as I healed my misperceptions of events in my life. Hawk appeared and I knew I was to listen and to see in a new way. I knew my spirit was to be set free to fly high! I've been seeing Dragon Flys and a Butterfly landed on my face. I knew I was breaking out of the old world. I was with a client doing a reading in Boulder and crow showed her face and voice. She stood by my table and cawed her song. Blue jay and black bird gifted me with their beautiful feathers as I hiked to greet the morning sun. Every morning, I greet the sun and the seven sacred directions. I honor Amun Ra and Sekhmet as I take in the rays of the sun to feed the light body. I am the maker and the mover of life~a Catalyst for Change~ and the transformation of energies and I weave a new reality-a new world. The making of the modern witch/priestess to transform our reality and the working with the natural laws of the universe.Shift happens and transformation is on-going!
The Medicine of Sekhmet and the work of a Priestess to Sekhmet
Goddess Alchemy and Goddess Bless