The Path of the Priestess

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

13 Dimensional Codes of Light

The Light Codes of Consciousness and the Divine Feminine Energies and anchoring the codes of light. The awakening and healing the rainbow body. This work has been coming to me since 10/10 and I have been channeling this work since then and maybe even further back. Goddess Sekhmet has been a huge guiding force in my consciousness and the ascension process. The unfolding of this work has been amazing. The revelations and how I have been given each piece in divine timing. This is the anchoring of the divine feminine pleiadian energies. I have been a carrier of the light codes for eons and worked with the energies in Atlantis and Egypt. Transforming consciousness with the light codes and dying when still living into the shift of higher consciousness and higher dimensional energies. We are sacred geomtry in a body held by codes of light. I began to draw these light codes and I understood the rainbow light, the serpent and the dark goddess help me awaken to the hidden, ancient wisdom held in light codes within my own being. I finally got the entire picture and how each being has given me a piece of this knowledge. All in divine timing and I received this piece today and it will continue to unfold. Higher dimensional living and my connection to Egypt and my study of Nicki Scully's work and my Egyptian Shamanic Mysteries work and the light of the Pleidian beings, my starseed connection and Amun RA has brought me to my sacred work. This is higher soul purpose living from the high self in remembering we are dimensional beings in empowered, divine beings of light.