The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, April 21, 2011

~Serpent Woman Rise~ Dark Goddess Workshop

Upcoming May Event

The Path of the Priestess
Egyptian Shamanic Mysteries

May 17 th & 24th 7-8:30 PM

~Serpent Woman Rise~
Dancing Fire Moon Flames
Of the
Dark Goddess
Dancing with the Shadow and the Transformation of Consciousness
The Birth of the Cosmic Womb Cobra
And the Awaken Woman

This is a two part series

Location in Denver
Call for location

Each culture has its “Dark Goddess”. Explore the Dark Goddess and her Myth & Symbology. Embrace the Dark Goddess and embody your feminine power as woman by dancing with shadow.

Develop a connection to a Dark Goddess that will help you transform into a powerful serpent awaken woman. ~Women have had to suppress the serpent power and intuitive wisdom through the ages. It is time to connect to your sensuality and power through the Dark Goddess. Hear her call for she has called You to Stand in Serpent Power.

In this class, we are uncovering the shadow side of the feminine, and bringing it into the light. Integrate the wisdom of the shadow side and become the Serpent Woman Rising as you heal and balance the sacred union of the feminine and masculine energies within yourself in sacred harmony

We will work with goddess shamanic journey work, journaling, dream work, ritual and ceremony and goddess art and expression. We will dance and use our voices to embody and express the dark goddess. This is true goddess alchemy.
~Women and serpents have been associated with birth, death, and resurrection since ancient times.
~We will explore the power of the womb and the connection to your outer life through a womb Mandela.
~The workshop will be a weaving of teachings of the serpent/Goddess connection.
~Teachings will include the connection of serpent, woman, menstruation and moon, movements of snake power, and the Shakti as woman’s connection to feminine power. The Mythic & Mystical Journey of the Dark Goddess embrace the Kundalini Power of the Serpent Medicine.
Woman’s fear of Snake is fear of her own power.

About Me

High Priestess and carrier of Snake Medicine, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, I have a Psychology & Women Studies background and studied Religous Studies also Women Magickal Mysteries and Goddess Teacher. I am a medium, channel and embody the goddess and work with the Sacred Feminine realm, Angelic and Spirit realms for healing and alchemical healings and transformation. Hosting priestess circles and Egyptian Shamanic Mystery Teachings and Sacred Soul Path Readings and Multi-Dimensional Soul Services in Denver, CO and travel to California and the UK to teach and offer my services to the world.

Call to register and pre-pay also for location. 720-297-5840