The Path of the Priestess

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Light of ISIS~Priestess Circle & Mystery School Training

The Light of ISIS~Priestess Circle

~ In ancient times the priestess was born to serve and before she entered the temple to serve in the sacred rites she was prepared by the women of the temple. She might be bathed, anointed, and pigments applied to her skin. She was honored for what she was about to give.

~We are priestess and our inner being knows this to be true. She is the one who holds the wisdom of the connection between heaven and earth, and longs again to find her own expression in the temple of our lives. She is our power to manifest our dreams.
~ As women, power is our sacred birthright, yet many of us have lost our power through cultural influences and the masculine misuse of power. Now is the time for the Priestess to emerge and take her rightful place on this Earth, as the Compassionate Transformer, reclaiming her authentic self. Each woman is guided by her own unique inner spiritual authority to explore ancient goddesses that express her soul's calling.

~She is Priestess~

I am calling in The Light of ISIS~Priestess circle, as a sacred container in which women can expand and grow. The Priestess process encourages and supports you to go within and explore your inner-self. It guides you in examining the most powerful relationship you have, which is your relationship with yourself, in a journey of self-discovery. Embrace the Priestess. We will work in Ritual and Sacred Space, Woman Song, Goddess Shamanic Journey, Sacred Shakti Dance, Moon Magick, Women Mysteriess, The Priestess Arts and the Magickal Arts. We Embrace the Goddess

~As a Priestess woman, ask yourself if your ready:
)O( Who is my authentic self and how do I get to know her?
)O( What can I do to heal and work through blocks so that I can find and tap into my true inner power?
)O( Where can I find a circle of women who will provide a safe container for me as I bring forward who I am?
)O( What are my soul’s specific qualities, gifts, intentions and purpose and how do I walk with that
)O( What is my service to the Goddess? How do I embody her Essence?
)O( Am I ready to awaken? Am I ready to create goddess space in my life?
)O( Am I ready to stand in my serpent power as Woman Rising?

As above, so below.
As within, so without.
As the Circle, so the Self.

I am High Priestess and Royal, Radiant Woman of Spirit and Embodiment of Goddess
Who is carrier of Snake and Jaguar Medicine and Vibrational Multi-Dimensional Healer and Medium and Channel. Goddess Teacher and Women Mysteries in Goddess Feminist Spirituality
For services and product I can be reached at:
Christina-Queen Ahhotep Fire Hawk~Paramdhan Kaur Shanti~
Priestess Circles are Held
Meet Every Sunday at 7-8:30 PM $20 a Circle & $25 Hand out fee due at your first circle. Bring an offering to the Goddess and a notebook and pillow.
Denver Metro Area Call to Register and Get Location in the Denver area.
Also an 9 week Priestess Mysteries Training into the Priestess Arts
The Path Of the Priestess. Initiations, rites, activations into the mystery teachings. $170. plus $25 Handout Fee
Meets Saturdays 7-8:30 PM weekly 720-297-5840
call to register and pre-pay
must pre-pay and register and sacred temple space location is given