The Path of the Priestess

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Dark Goddess Mother~

Dark what does that mean? How does the modern woman connect to this mysterious force? What does the Goddess mean to the modern woman. The dark, of the dark goddess means the goddess in a wrathful form, but does it. Wrathful the destroyer and the creator. Wrathful the destroyer of the lower forces of our nature. It is not good or bad goddess-that is duality. Warrior goddess and goddess of power she is that part of us. That raw power and standing in your personal, spiritual power as modern women today in our glory. How does the dark goddess teach a woman about her power and how did she teach me about my power and the right use of it. How have we abused power or not stand in our power with integrity. How have women been afraid to stand in power and what is authentic power. The creator and the destroyer-The rebirth-death cycle and the cycles of life. When we give birth to our creation what do we need to destroy. What dies and how do we release to create the new. Stillness-the gestation period (being in the cosmic womb)The dark goddess will destroy our limitations and what keeps us enslaved in fear of the darkness. She is compassion and love in the best interest of our spiritual growth. Her compassion and destruction frees us of the burdens that keep us from our full potential. The underworld-inner world-the realm of this mother because here is where we are hidden in ourselves and we do our inner alchemy work. Where we feel the transformative fires and the water of the womb. She destroys our false indentity and the beliefs that are not in truth of our divine being. This is the alchemical gold the intergration and the gifts of the inner shadows what is hidden. The dark goddess will destroy that part of us that limits our being from fully realized daughters of the goddess-we are walking goddesses and we are priestesses remebering our divinity. We are embodying the vibration and frequency of the goddess. This is the healing powers and the gifts of the dark goddess. We are becoming loved daughters in her light and love as clear channels for her glory and service. Allow what is hidden and in the underworld to come into the light so that you may be reborn in your divine goddess power as woman and a powerful "SHE" into the world we come. Into and through the darkness do you know the dark goddess and dance with the shadow of your own essence.