The Path of the Priestess

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Teacher's Teacher~My encounter with THOTH

My awareness of Thoth came about the same time that I met Sekhmet. The keeper of my destiny this magican scribe is my teacher and guide. I saw him in my minds eye when in altered state when I was in my Alchemical Healing Iniations to activate my hands and energy bodies for healing.The etheric purple black egg of creation that I saw in my Thoth journey and Thoth when he gave me the golden cauldron of creation that was put in my belly with my healing spirit stones and plant spirits and power animal guides from then on I saw him in all of my inner plane Egyptian Shaman journeys he is there to lead the way as protecter, guardian and scribe. When I step onto the warm sands of Egypt in my inner plane journeys it is Thoth who is there. My connection to Egypt as he pulls the thread of akasha from my third eye to the heart of Egypt. When my consciousness leaves my body into my light body I am welcomed by my divine friend Thoth. He allows me to intergrate the wisdom and knowledge I am learning and he urges me to learn more and more. This magican shares his wisdom so that I may come to be wise in my knowledge. It was Thoth that activated my hands to bring healing and my connection to the elements as each finger is attuned to the elements. I open the portals with my fingers to access the elements in my healing work as Goddess Sekhmet enters my body. Thoth guides my work and I honor the connection I have with this great teacher. He awakens my ancient memories when I walked in Egypt long ago. I remember the magick that I knew then and remembering in this life the magick I created long ago. Thoth comes to me in sound and he is always present when I enter and work in the dimensions and other realties of light. My divine friend and my teacher.
This ultimate shape shifter has taught me that my form has and will change shape. It is Thoth that help me remember to take my cobra form and into the temple I go. I take on the goddess cobra form without fear and in my spiritual power and personal power as the daughter of the goddess and sacred feminime energies as a divine witch of light.