The Path of the Priestess

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spiritual Tests and Initiations of the Soul Journey

Just know when your in the underworld or when your in the shedding of the skin and working the power of snake medicine it is a tender time. It is a beautiful time because you will be going through a birth. Your pains and struggles and the hard lessons in your life is the alchemical healing process removing the mud from your life this helps create the beautiful lotus flower that you are. From the depths and darkness comes the beautiful lotus flower and the further in darkness the further in the light you are reborn in. This is a powerful time and a time when your closness to the divine is the strongest because in your suffering the goddess is near. You are growing into new skin and a new you! This is the Inanna experience becauseas you face yourself the gems of the underworld are in your soul soul waiting to be found again by you. Embrace this time ask the Dark Goddess for strength because through her compassion and love you are made in her image and the potential of you. You truly are a divine son or daughter of our blessed god parents.
My journey has been a test and breaking of spirit a shamans death.I have been torn apart and broken into peices to be put back together by the goddess and my heart has been shattered to be given the golden heart of Anubis. You too will receive your spiritual gift because as you do the innerwork the goddess will give her gift. I remember just praying to her that she would not completely destroy me and that I may survive this spiritual test or initiation of spirit. This work has allowed me to be authentic aquarian age priestess to live from the heart in the modern times and that was my gift from Anubis. You will receive your golden grapes of the Goddess Bast as she tantalizes you and urges you to go into your own soul and she who will bless your life. Have courage and use your fear and face yourself and as you do-you come face to face with the goddess and that is truly magickal.