The Path of the Priestess

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Spirial of Light

My Iniation Inner Plane Journey Work with Sekhmet-The Light of Sekhmet-This is Sacred Geomtry particles of healing light a higher frequecy of light there are many colors which work towards the Rainbow Light. The Particles are their own light that makes up the light of the whole. This is receiving and giving the Rainbow Ray Transmission. Through my Egyptian Shamanic tools connecting to the inner heart of ancient Egypt and connecting to the heart of Anubis. Through me and through the life force it will connect to the Solar Pyrimd and tap in through my large laser wand when I am doing Multi-Dimensional healing work. Those in healing will receive the rays into their own heartflame.Anubis will come to take the old heart and remake the new created rainbow ray heart. This is the heart of ascension and this is the 5th-9th dimensional being. The two flame heart and the heart that holds the frequencies of the divine Mother. The original heart since the dawn of time the original flame of woman. Sekhmet rides the wave of the heart-The flame-She is the Flame.