The Path of the Priestess

Friday, March 18, 2011

Remembering the Ancient Ways

Remembering the goddess and her ancient ways and ancient calls. She has called again and hear her roar. Remembering her when women were honored goddesses, goddess mother you are near. I know you presence and I heard you call. Make your presence known to this world. You were here, you were here, you were here. Goddess, goddess I remember your ways as Diana, Sekhmet, ISIS, MA'AT, Oya, The Cosmic Mother- the many faces of the Divine Mother. The ancient religon is here again and for some it never left. Women " Awake" and remember your goddess roots. Goddess I know you and you are sacred to me. I am free again to honor you-you are free to be seen-we are free together. Are we back together again as your living embodiment.

Sekhmet-The call of the dark goddess. The birth of the ancient warrioress. The fire and solar power of Sekhmet-I feel you and you run in my blood. I embrace you, I am you. The embodiment of Sekhmet and the great fiercness of the dark mother.