The Path of the Priestess

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dying the Shaman Death and being Re-Membered By the Divine Mother ISIS

Transition and the neutral space the womb of the mother in darkness where creation is taking place in the space between your breath or between thoughts-this is where the essence of MA'AT the cosmic mother created the universe. It is here where I had died in my life (endings) and have been waiting in the lotus waters to be reborn into my new form as I placed myself and the potters wheel of Khnum the builder of universal form to receive my new body. Divine mother ISIS has been with me through my transformation into Alchemical gold as I radiate the sun of Amun-RA and exhibitit the radiance of the sun and amun the hidden aspects of the sun. Here I know my divinity and reside with the goddess mother. ISIS the bridge between this world and the heavens the rainbow of light that radiates from her wings and when she wraps her wings around me I remember who I am and ISIS whispers her love into my heart as I awaken in self-love. It is Anubis who is my guide into the inner mysteries of Egypt.My light in the darkness as I wait to be reborn into the alchemical gold that is the true essence of my being. Transition the shifting of the soul the restruction of the soul the growth and development to higher consciouisness this is the Alchemical Fires when Sekhmet offers her fierce compassion and healing energies to transform into the pure light that we are. It is through death that new birth will come into being. Die the shaman death and allow your form to be re-membered by divine ISIS she has never left your side. We are the innocent iniate into the inner mysteries of Egypt the journey into our own heart and soul.