The Path of the Priestess

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Dark Goddess and The Rainbow Heart Flame

Sacred Goddess Journey Work-Dark Goddess-Wrathful, destroying the illusion slice through the ego or burn my old way in the alchemical fires. The light of the sun and the eye of RA. Sekhmet-what do you mean to me? How have I come to be your priestess? The Priestess of Sekhmet-the power and honor of Sekhmet. Sekhmet I see and know your power.

In a Sekhmet inner plane journey I saw myself riding the back of Sekhmet as we traveled across the hot Egyptian desert to find myself going to the great pyrimds. In my vision I was standing in front of the entrance and I saw The Solar Crystal Disk. This image is imprinted in my third eye. Hearing the snorts of Sekhmet as she runs with power and she'll fight for her priestess and I receive her support in my progress of my goddess work. She will carry her priestess across the dimensions to bring the goddess into collective consciousness. We a running to the temple where I will receive the magickal gifts-the gifts from the spirit realm in support of my work into the world here I come-Blazing Sun of Sekhmet.

In my journey I see a crystal being and she tells me that crystal form is me and I will hold a higher frequency of light-Sekhmet is taking me to this pyrimd to receive higher fequencies of light. The gifts I receive X-ray vision with crystal eyes to see through the body and to see the body as the gods see our body. Rainbow Rays streaming down from the heavens and coming down to the altar inside this solar crystal pyrimd. There is a stone slab where they lay me to receive the rays into my heart an enlightment process of the heart space. I received the Rainbow transmission into my heart to hold higher frequencies with my human heart to hold the divine feminine energies within my being. This is the Heart Flame of Sekhmet the flame that glows with her mighty light and power. This ray can be transmitted through the eyes for healing.