The Path of the Priestess

Friday, February 18, 2011

Walking the Magickal Path

Shamans, Priestesses,Magicians,Witches are practioners of magickal awareness. They study the natural world, observing the flow of energies and universal laws. The magickal path is a path that calls you into service and to walk this journey. They study the ritual of authentic life and seeing in the dark, truly seeing and not looking at the world. They walk between the worlds and serve as a bridge of this realm to the multi-dimesional realities. Like the goddess ISIS and the rainbow bridge extending her wing span connecting this world and the spirit world. We are the bridge like the magician in the tarot. They study the cycles of life and the circle of life. They develop awareness of the universe and an appreciation of the natural patterns of nature. They are travelers on the circle of the world and move with the cycles of life. They understand that we affect the very nature of our reality. This path requires discipline requiring awareness and responsible application of that awareness. This path provides tools not only to change the way we perceive reality, but also to change reality as well. We are part of something grander and we have a responsibility to express what we have the potential to become. In doing so, we shape reality and shape shift into something that will evolve ourselves and the world. Shamans/Priestesses/witches use their bodies as instruments of communication between the soul/spirit realm and the world. In order to be a clear channel for this communication, this path must do the challenging work of clearing away attachments, disadvantageous or self-sabotaging behaviors, unhealthy mind-sets and energetic blockages, intrusions in order to intergrate the self. This integration of body, mind, emotion and soul allows those on this path to be clear channels and allowing spirit to express itself clearly and cleanly through them. This is a path of the heart and the soul. It is a path of beauty, wholeness, sacred living, oneness and connection with all things and nonthings, awareness,mindfulness, courage,respect, honor and gratitude. This path has a focus of life in creating balance,harmony, impeccability, and wholeness and connection to nature and the source energy of the universe. This path requires integrity and honesty-with one's self and others. This is a loving, healing path that invites all, yet it is a truth revealing path, turning away initiates not ready to face themselves and the awesome truth of reality. This is a circle of transformation and growth for change and healing. True Alchemy and alchemical transformation and healing