The Path of the Priestess

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Introduction to the Goddess Sekhmet

My introduction to Sekhmet and the goddess began when I was in middle school, but my introduction to Sekhmet came to me in a dream. It was 2004, and I was a busy single mother working and taking care of my son. I was not looking to be in service to the goddess. Who is Sekhmet, at that time, I did not know who this Lioness was and what she is and her power and light and what she wanted with me. She came to me to tell me my destiny and then began my iniation to the goddess and my spiritual journey, I was being called. Egypt has always filled my heart since a small child and I surrounded myself with Egypt. My living room had been decorated like an Egyptian temple. At that time, I did not realize my connection to my past life and the special connection to Egypt and it was coming out into my current life. My spiritual journey to the divine began as a small child and really with my conception. A sensitive psychic child and being a medium and channel, spirits came to me and I know now that my whole life has trained me to do the work I do today in service to spirit. My journey has been the snake medicine of Sekhmet-the reserection of the rebirth of the phoniex and scorpio journey of death and rebirth the fires of transformation and I was being cooked. Thrown into the Alchemical Fires the intergration of light and dark in the chalice of Hathor.